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Border Falling Into Chaos Ahead of Title 42 End Date: 'We’re in trouble'; More Texas Cities Declare State of Emergency Over Border Crisis as Thousands Stream Into the US Daily

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Border falling into chaos ahead of Title 42 end date: 'We’re in trouble':
The U.S. Border Patrol has already begun to see a dramatic uptick in the number of illegal immigrants apprehended up and down the southern border, a week before the government had anticipated seeing new records set.
As of Tuesday, Border Patrol had in its custody an average of 22,664 people who were intercepted after crossing the border illegally, according to internal data viewed by the Washington Examiner and confirmed by two senior Border Patrol officials Wednesday.
A day earlier, Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz disclosed that agents had intercepted 22,220 people over the past 72 hours. Agents in the Rio Grande Valley in southeastern Texas made the most arrests of the nine regional outposts on the southern border, 6,371, according to regional leader Gloria Chavez.
Border Patrol employees ranging from supervisors on the Texas border to regional managers to the top echelon of leadership at Washington headquarters shared in conversations and text messages with the Washington Examiner over the past week how the situation in Texas and New Mexico has already gotten out of hand and left them seriously troubled over what more could be coming and how they will respond.
Over the past week, Border Patrol has taken more people into custody than the capacity of its facilities. Unable to move them out of custody, the number of detained individuals has spiked.
Border Patrol is barred from holding children or adults for more than three days and had created more space inside facilities and installed pop-up tents at locations across the border to ensure overcrowding would not be an issue later this month as illegal immigration levels are expected to soar to their highest in national history when Title 42 ends. --->READ MORE HERE
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More Texas cities declare state of emergency over border crisis as thousands stream into the US daily:
More Texas cities declare state of emergency over border crisis as thousands stream into the US daily
Two further Texas cities have declared states of emergency over the border crisis as they become completely overrun with migrants.
Brownsville — the most eastern point of the southern land border with Mexico — issued a disaster declaration after 15,000 migrants, mostly from Venezuela, crossed over to the US in a single week and overwhelmed border forces.
“We’ve never seen these numbers before,” Brownsville Police Department Spokesman Martin Sandoval told The Border Report.
Customs and Border Protection said usually they deal with less than 2,000 migrants attempting to cross at Brownsville per week.
The influx resulted in the Border Patrol sending migrants to its facilities in Laredo, Texas to help out.
Laredo has also been helping to relieve pressure from El Paso, the top spot for migrant apprehensions in the country, but it has also now been overwhelmed and over the weekend declared a state of emergency.
“I do want to make the point that these are not migrants crossing in here in the Laredo border, but these are migrants being transferred here from other places, and to be processed here in Laredo,” Mayor Victor Trevino told the Border Report. --->READ MORE HERE
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