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WU-DUNNIT Mystery Chinese Lab was doing Secret Experiments to Soup Up Coronaviruses just before Covid Outbreak, Study Finds; Zombie School Rules Prove COVID Alarmism was ALWAYS a Cult, and other C-Virus related stories

Credit: Wuhan Virology Institute
WU-DUNNIT Mystery Chinese lab was doing secret experiments to soup up coronaviruses just before Covid outbreak, study finds
A MYSTERY lab in Wuhan conducted secret experiments to clone and soup up coronaviruses to infect humans, a bombshell study has revealed.
For the last three years, a group of scientists have been combing through online databases and other sources of evidence for vital clues about the origins of Covid.
Adrian Jones, Daoyu Zhang, Louis Nemzer, Steven Massey, Yuri Deigin, and Steven Quay have now found fresh evidence of an unreported lab-grown coronavirus in Wuhan.
While the discovery can't be directly linked to the Wuhan Institute of Virology or linked directly to Covid, it offers a chilling insight into the highly dangerous experiments being undertaken in Wuhan before the pandemic which has so far killed nearly 7million people.
Speaking to The Sun Online, Dr Quay likened the discovery to finding more corpses from a serial killer and is another key clue in the hunt for the origins of Covid.
The experts were leafing through an old database when they spotted a rogue lab-made coronavirus lurking in the background.
They discovered the coronavirus genome had infected a rice sample - something the scientists claim is not possible in nature. --->READ MORE HERE
Zombie school rules prove COVID alarmism was ALWAYS a cult:
Want proof COVID alarmism is a cult, pure and simple?
Look no further than the Elizabeth Anne Clune Montessori school in Ithaca.
There, as chronicled by David Zweig at the Free Press, children must be masked, including outdoors, and are actually forbidden from speaking during lunch.
That’s right: In 2023,
long after the pandemic has receded years after the data have established both that there is near-zero risk to kids from the disease and that interventions like masking (and monastic silences) are next to useless
Still, one tiny private school is clinging to hygiene theater with insane vigilance.
Zweig reports that the enforced silence at lunch drove the school’s children — like political prisoners in a Soviet gulag — to contrive secret hand signals as a way of communicating.
The school kept these restrictions in place after the end of New York’s mask mandate at the request of teachers.
Proving yet again that the discipline (even beyond the grasp of the state’s unions) is filled with left-wing fanatics who embrace COVID theater with the same blind surety they bring to arguments about race or climate change. --->READ MORE HERE
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