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Ukraine's Counteroffensive Delayed by Slow Arms Deliveries and US Document Leaks; Military Expert Explains Failure of Russian Offensive and Why Aggressor is Losing War of Attrition; 10 Popular Misconceptions about UKR History, Debunked; Ukraine Repels 45 Russian Attacks Across Front Line Over Past Day, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

Ukraine's counteroffensive delayed by slow arms deliveries and US document leaks:
The Washington Post has reported that the Ukrainian counteroffensive, expected to launch this spring, has been delayed by poor weather conditions, slow supplies of weapons, equipment and ammunition from the West, and the Pentagon documents leak, which revealed the weak spots in Ukraine’s air defence.
Source: The Washington Post
Quote: "The expected spring offensive has been framed as Ukraine’s make-or-break opportunity this year to recapture territory held by Russian forces, which totals about one-fifth of the country.
But the operation has been delayed by weather, slow equipment deliveries and ammunition scarcities, fueling fears of a stalemate.
Further complicating the planned counterattack is the leak of dozens of U.S. military and intelligence documents, including many details about the condition of Ukraine’s military and its capabilities, including weaknesses in air defences that could force commanders to alter their plans."
Details: Many Ukrainians fear that if Ukraine fails to recapture "significant territory" that has been taken by Russia, they will be forced to negotiate with Russia from an unfavourable position.
At the same time, Ukrainian forces are carrying out operations to test Russian defences, despite the lack of ammunition and the reliance on the slow deliveries of Western military aid.
A Ukrainian corporal in Donetsk Oblast, just over a kilometre away from Russian positions, told the WP journalists that he has been using commercial drones to identify and spy on the Russian forces, detect weaknesses in their defences and plan attacks to destroy Russian defence fortifications.
He said that small-scale operations are helping his unit prepare for the full-scale offensive while they await the arrival of ammunition and heavy equipment.
Another commander deployed just outside the eastern city of Bakhmut, in Donetsk Oblast, recounted similar operations to test Russian defence. --->READ MORE HERE
Photo:REUTERS/Oleksandr Klymenko
Military expert explains failure of Russian offensive and why aggressor is losing war of attrition:
Azerbaijani military analyst Agil Rustamzade during a Radio NV broadcast on April 12 revealed why the expected major Russian offensive this winter fizzled out, and why the aggressor is losing the war of attrition.
The expert argued that a large-scale offensive was out of the question because Russia is currently unable to conduct major offensive operations.
He pointed out that Russia has a reserve of 40,000 soldiers for an operational offensive, but has been unable to even use them.
"There may be various reasons for this," he said.
“I believe that the failure near Vuhledar and the failure near Avdiyivka is due to the Russian army’s ‘shell hunger.’ They changed their plans and did not use their second-stage reserve.”
Rustamzade added that in a war of attrition, "a priori there are no such tasks as advancing deep into the enemy's territory." --->READ MORE HERE
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