Friday, April 14, 2023

Ukraine Changes Military Plans Due to Leaked Classified Pentagon Documents; Russia is "covering up" Decline in Its Offensive Capabilities With Artillery; RU Loses About 2 Companies Per Day Near Avdiivka and Mariinka; Record Number of Russian Soldiers Used Ukraine’s ‘surrender hotline’ in March, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

Ukraine changes military plans due to leaked classified Pentagon documents:
Ukraine has already changed some of its military plans due to the leak of classified US documents.
Source: CNN citing sources
Details: The news outlet notes that secret Pentagon documents posted online in recent weeks show how the United States is spying on both allies and adversaries, which has deeply concerned American officials who fear that the revelations could jeopardise sensitive sources and compromise important international relations.
Some of the original documents expose the extent of US wiretapping of key allies, including South Korea, Israel, and Ukraine.
Others reveal the extent of US penetration of the Russian Defence Ministry and the Russian Wagner PMC, largely through intercepted communications and human sources that could now be cut off or jeopardised.
Others expose key weaknesses in Ukrainian weapons, air defence, battalion strength and readiness at a critical point in the war, when Ukrainian forces are preparing to launch a counteroffensive against the Russians, and just as the United States and Ukraine have begun to develop a more trusting intelligence-sharing relationship.
Ukraine has already changed some of its military plans because of the leak, a source close to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy told CNN. --->READ MORE HERE
Russia is "covering up" decline in its offensive capabilities with artillery:
The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) reports that Russian troops are using artillery to compensate for their reduced offensive capabilities.
Source: ISW report
Details: Analysts note that Ukrainian and Russian sources discussed the slowdown in Russian offensive operations along the entire front line on 8 April, confirming ISW's assessment that the overall Russian offensive is nearing its culmination.
The collected and analysed data indicate that the dynamics of the use of combat artillery in Ukraine reflect the fact that Russian forces are using artillery to compensate for their reduced offensive capabilities.
Analysts also add that Ukrainian forces are more precise in their targeting, but probably also benefit from being on the defensive in most areas, as offensive operations tend to require more artillery assets.
The ISW also reports that the Russian missile campaign aimed at destroying Ukraine's energy infrastructure has finally failed, and Russia appears to have abandoned the effort.
The institute's report also indicates that the Kremlin may be increasing legal penalties for terrorism-related crimes as part of a broader effort to encourage and create legal conditions for increased domestic repression.
Therefore, the Russian authorities are likely to continue to expand the list of organisations that they consider terrorist and extremist. --->READ MORE HERE
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