Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Target Security Guard Punches Customer in the Face After She Demanded ‘reparations’; Target Security Guard Slugs Female Shopper in the Face After She Demanded Her $1,000 Bill Be Paid by 'reparations'

Target security guard punches customer in the face after she demanded ‘reparations’:
A Target security guard punched a customer during a confrontation that was sparked when she asked for “reparations” while at a checkout line with more than $1,000 in groceries, according to a police report.
The ugly incident happened in October at the megastore in Blue Ash, Ohio, and began when Karen Ivery asked a cashier for their manager regarding the bill and reparations, according to the police report reviewed by The Post.
The cashier alleged to authorities that Ivery brought up reparations several times during their brief encounter before the manager arrived, the report states.
When speaking with the manager, the customer first asked for reparations and grew angry as she walked “aggressively” toward the manager, according to the report.
“Ivery kept berating her about reparations and her privileged life,” the report alleges as the patron kept walking toward the manager.
That’s when Zach Cotter, a loss prevention officer, intervened and asked Ivery to calm down and leave the store, the report states.
But she allegedly began screaming at Cotter and followed him to his office.
When he tried to shut the door, Ivery allegedly forced her way in and Cotter threw a punch, according to the report. --->READ MORE HERE
Target security guard slugs female shopper in the face after she demanded her $1,000 bill be paid by 'reparations' - before telling cops this was her 'Rosa Parks moment':
Shocking video footage has revealed the moment a Target security guard punched a woman in the face after she demanded her $1,000 grocery bill be paid by the store in 'reparations'.
Security staff member Zach Cotter, 28, was caught on camera hitting Karen Ivery, 37, at Target in Blue Ash, Hamilton County, Ohio, in October last year after she grew 'aggressive' with a manager.
CCTV footage from the store shows Mr Cotter intervening after an altercation broke out with a manager when Ms Ivery claimed she wanted the store to pay for her purchases in 'reparations'.
Mr Cotter claims he was acting in self defense, and told officers after the incident that she 'charged' at him. She was later arrested for Menacing and Disorderly Conduct.
A police report seen by Dailymail.com said: 'Ivery was very argumentative and confrontational about the whole incident. She was confrontational with officers on scene and didn't want to explain her actions that evening.' --->READ MORE HERE
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