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One Year Later: Abbott’s Migrant Buses Succeeded in Rewriting the Immigration Debate; Philly's Burning Question: Hey, Whatever Happened to Those Migrant Buses From Texas?

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One year later: Abbott’s migrant buses succeeded in rewriting the immigration debate
Texas decision to bus migrants forced Biden to rethink border policy
When Gov. Greg Abbott announced that his first busload of 30 or so migrants, plucked from the streets of Texas, had reached the nation’s capital last year, he faced a wall of criticism.
Some on the right worried that he was wasting taxpayer money on illegal immigrants. The White House derided the busing as unhelpful and ineffective, and immigration rights advocates complained that it was a dirty trick that treated the migrants as political pawns.
A year on, those on the right are celebrating Mr. Abbott’s decision as a watershed moment in the immigration debate. Leaders on the left have paid the governor the most sincere form of flattery by mounting their own busing campaigns.
Among them is New York City, one of the destinations for Mr. Abbott’s buses. The city has begun paying for bus tickets to get migrants out of town and make them someone else’s problem.
Mr. Abbott, a Republican, said his goal of busing was to share the pain, particularly with “sanctuary” cities that limited their cooperation with immigration authorities and pronounced themselves welcoming to those in the U.S. illegally. His state was facing an unprecedented crush of illegal immigrants under President Biden’s policies.
It turned out that the sanctuaries’ welcome had limits, and Mr. Abbott’s busing campaign found them.
Leaders in Chicago, New York and the District of Columbia — all destinations for Mr. Abbott’s buses — were soon using words such as “crisis” to describe the trickle of newcomers.--->READ MORE HERE
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Philly's burning question: Hey, whatever happened to those migrant buses from Texas?
Officials in Philadelphia are asking whatever happened to the migrant buses arriving in the sanctuary city from Texas. The city has not had to deal with the arrival of migrant buses since January 7. Just as suddenly as they began, the arrival of the buses from Texas stopped. Now Philadelphia is preparing for what may happen when Title 42 ends next month.
Buses began arriving in Philadelphia, a sanctuary city, in November 2022 and continued until January 7. A total of 19 buses were sent to Philadelphia from Texas over that time period.
To be clear, the number of migrants bussed to Philadelphia so far has been minuscule compared to the flood of migrants coming across the border in Texas and other border states. The total is less than 1,000. Texas sometimes receives that number of illegal aliens in one day along the southern border.
So now Philadelphia is enjoying a pause in welcoming illegal immigrants to the city and preparing for the next buses if they arrive after Title 42 expires. How nice for Philly. Texas and Arizona and New Mexico don’t have the luxury of enjoying a pause. The war on America’s sovereignty happens every single day along the southern border. Border states are on the hook to use their resource to take care of illegal immigrants until they are transferred somewhere else, or deported.
It remains to be seen what will happen when Title 42 expires next month. There will likely be a renewed flood of migrants crossing the border with impunity. It’s been reported that thousands are waiting on the Mexican side of the border to cross into Texas until the end of Title 42 arrives. Amy Eusebio, director of the Office of Immigrant Affairs in Philadelphia, said that the city is prepared. --->READ MORE HERE
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