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New York City Hires First-Ever ‘rat czar,’ a Former Teacher Who Beat Out Nearly 1,000 Applicants; NYC's "Director Of Rodent Migration" To Be Paid $155,000 Per Year; Rat Horror Stories the New N.Y.C. Rat Czar Needs to Hear

New York City hires first-ever ‘rat czar,’ a former teacher who beat out nearly 1,000 applicants
New York City has hired its first-ever rat czar: a former teacher who hates rodents as much as Mayor Eric Adams.
Kathleen Corradi beat out 900 applicants to become the citywide Director of Rodent Mitigation, Adams announced Wednesday.
“I knew when my wife’s grandma called from North Carolina to see if I would apply, it was meant to be,” Corradi said at a press briefing in Harlem.
Corradi previously worked on rodent reduction efforts at the Department of Education, where she focused on cutting off rats’ food, water, and shelter supplies. She plans to do the same in her new role. Corradi said getting food and leftover waste into rat-proof compost bins is a start, but broader efforts are expected.
“Rats are symptoms of systemic issues. You can’t deal with one part of the problem,” Corradi said. “This is going to take all of us.”
Adams said he interviewed Corradi and was impressed with her emotional intelligence and how she collected signatures as a child to get rid of rats in her neighborhood. But ultimately, it was her character that earned her the spot, he said.
“We have found our rat czar,” Adams said. --->READ MORE HERE
at Czar: NYC's "Director Of Rodent Migration" To Be Paid $155,000 Per Year:
New York City has found another novel way to dole out the increasing levy it places on its citizens via out-of-control taxation: a new city employee earning $155,000 a year to focus on ridding the city of rats.
That's right - as of this week, New York City officially has a "Rat Czar" on its payroll. The employee, Kathleen Corradi, was introduced by New York Mayor Eric Adams this week. Her title is officially "director of rodent migration", according to a Bloomberg writeup published this week.
And Corradi's resume has rats on it too: she was formerly the Department of Education's rat reduction specialist, the report says.
Mayor Adams had announced earlier this year that he was looking for a fighter in the city's "war against rats" and was willing to pay between $120,000 and $170,000 for someone to do say.
“I think, fighting rats, that’s not enough," Adams said about her salary.
“When I first saw this job posting, I wasn’t sure it was real,” Corradi said. But Adams knew it was meant to be, stating: "That's almost a job made for her". --->READ MORE HERE
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+++++Rat Horror Stories the New N.Y.C. Rat Czar Needs to Hear+++++

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