Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Heart-Pounding Moment Ukrainians Wipe Out Entire Column of Russian Tanks; Report: RU Mercenary Group Likely Lost Tens of Thousands of Fighters in Bakhmut; Russia Lost 4,000 Soldiers Over Past Week; UKR Military Repels 70+ RU Attacks Over Past 24hrs, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

NY POST: Heart-pounding moment Ukrainians wipe out entire column of Russian tanks:
A column of Russian tanks and armored combat vehicles was methodically obliterated by Ukraine Marines armed with portable missile launchers in the Donetsk region, a heart-pounding viral video shows.
The two-minute-long footage, set to a headbanging Ukrainian rap song, has been viewed on Twitter close to 159,000 times as of Friday.
It shows at least seven Russian armored personnel carriers and tanks traveling single-file through a desolate landscape riddled with craters from rocket shells and dotted with homes that had been reduced to piles of rubble.
What the Russians didn’t realize was that they were driving straight into an ambush led by members of Ukraine’s 36th Separate Marine Brigade lying in wait all around the perimeter.
In the clip, Kyiv’s troops brandishing US-supplied surface-to-air Javelin missile launchers on their shoulders wasted no time unleashing hell on the enemy vehicles, prompting them to break formation and scatter.
But the evasive maneuvers prove futile, as the anti-tank missiles strike their moving targets one by one, causing them to burst into flames.
In one instance, a missile hits a fleeing Russian tank, sending plumes of thick smoke into the sky.
Three soldiers frantically jump out of their burning tank and flee on foot, with one of the men crawling on his hands and knees in the dirt, possibly due to an injury. --->READ MORE HERE
Russian mercenary group likely lost tens of thousands of fighters in Bakhmut: report
Russia’s Wagner mercenary group has lost tens of thousands of its fighters — possibly up to half of its 50,000-strong force — during months of bloody battles to capture the key Ukrainian city of Bakhmut, according to analysts.
The Institute for the Study of War think tank reported in its latest update on the war that according to Western officials, the Wagner Group has likely lost a “substantial” amount of manpower, which is expected to hobble Moscow’s offensive in the eastern region.
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley reported Wednesday that the Wagner Group has around 6,000 professional personnel and 20,000 to 30,000 recruits, mostly convicts, fighting in the Bakhmut area.
In late December, National Security Council spokesman John Kirby put the size of Wagner’s force at 50,000 fighters, more than three-quarters of them inmates recruited from Russia’s prisons.
The mercenaries have spent months trying to capture Bakhmut, where fighting has been so fierce that it has come to be known as a “meat grinder.”
“It is likely that the difference between Kirby’s 50,000 figure in Ukraine and Milley’s 26,000 to 36,000 figure in the Bakhmut area is the result of casualties from Wagner’s attritional offensive on Bakhmut,” ISW analysts concluded. --->READ MORE HERE
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