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GOP Senator Releases ‘bombshell’ COVID-19 Origins Report; Senate GOP Report Raises Possibility of Two Lab Leaks Triggering COVID, and other C-Virus related stories

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GOP senator releases ‘bombshell’ COVID-19 origins report
Sen. Roger Marshall released a 300-page report that claims the virus came from two lab leaks
Republicans have made investigating the origins of the coronavirus pandemic a top priority after garnering control of the House and making strides in the Senate, but a recent report from Kansas Sen. Roger Marshall has uncovered stunning developments in the search for answers.
After more than two years of research, Sen. Marshall revealed on "Mornings with Maria" Tuesday that a "preponderance of evidence" points to two lab leaks in China as the cause of the global pandemic.
"This is big. It is a bombshell that the preponderance of evidence shows that there were two lab leaks," Sen. Marshall said. "If we had a scale in front of us and we put all the evidence on one side that supports a natural spillover, the other for the lab origin of this, I think that 95% of that evidence is on the lab origin."
Sen. Marshall released his findings on Monday, detailing how the two separate, unintentional leaks spiraled into perhaps one of the most devastating events in recent history. --->READ MORE HERE
Steven Nelson
Senate GOP report raises possibility of two lab leaks triggering COVID::
The COVID-19 pandemic may have started with two separate leaks at Chinese labs doing risky “gain of function” research, a Republican senator said Monday.
A report released by Sen. Roger Marshall (R-Kan.) raises the prospect that millions of lives could have been saved — including those of more than 1 million Americans — if not for a “coverup” by the Chinese government during a theorized initial outbreak.
“This report concludes most likely this was two leaks [including] a lab leak in the September-October [2019] timeframe, even as early as July or August,” the medical doctor turned senator told a small group of journalists ahead of the release of the 301-page document.
“We’ve concluded that [China] started vaccine development in November 2019. And then another lab leak seems to be most sensible explanation,” he said. “There are key data points that are being held back that could help us prove that.”
Dr. Robert Kadlec, a cofounder of the Operation Warp Speed program that rapidly developed US COVID-19 vaccines in 2020, drafted the report titled “Muddy Waters: The Origins of COVID-19” with about a dozen Republican aides on the Senate Health Committee and additional outside consultants. --->READ MORE HERE
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