Friday, April 28, 2023

Feds Bust Alleged COVID Fraudster for $230 Million in Bogus Medical Bills; Covid: No Evidence Shielding Helped - Swansea uni study, and other C-Virus related stories

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Feds bust alleged COVID fraudster for $230 million in bogus medical bills
Federal prosecutors announced charges Thursday against a California doctor who allegedly ran a $230 million fraud during the pandemic, billing the government for uninsured claims for patients who either had insurance or weren’t treated.
Dr. Anthony Hao Dinh used more than $100 million of his ill-gotten gains to do high-risk options trading, authorities said.
They also announced charges against a Utah resident accused of selling 120,000 counterfeit COVID-19 vaccination cards, a Puerto Rico dentist who allegedly double-billed for patients to take advantage of reimbursements for personal protective equipment, and a Florida doctor who is accused of billing the government for COVID test kits for Medicare patients who didn’t want them.
The Justice Department said the cases are part of a nationwide push to weed out pandemic fraud in the healthcare sector.
Cases ranged from massive overbilling to more run-of-the-mill instances of medical establishments inflating their business records to apply for larger pandemic small business loans.
Attorney General Merrick Garland called the announcement “unprecedented” and Assistant Attorney General Kenneth A. Polite Jr. called the cases “the largest-ever coordinated law enforcement action”ebcx against healthcare fraud involving the coronavirus.
The Justice Department said the cases included nearly $490 million in false billings. --->READ MORE HERE
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Covid: No evidence shielding helped - Swansea uni study:
There is no evidence that shielding benefited vulnerable people during the Covid pandemic, according to a study.
Swansea University compared 117,000 people shielding in Wales with the rest of the population of three million.
The study found deaths and healthcare usage were higher among shielding people than the general population.
The Welsh government said shielding was introduced on medical and scientific advice and it will continue to review evidence from the pandemic.
The study also found the Covid rate was higher among those shielding - 5.9% compared to 5.7%.
The researchers said the data raised questions about whether the policy worked.
They concluded that a "lack of clear impact on infection rates raises questions about the success of shielding, and indicates that further research is required to fully evaluate this national policy intervention". --->READ MORE HERE
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