Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Biden’s Slimy Dodge on Mass Intel Leak Ignores Huge Damage to Nation; Screw-Ups in Leaked Docs are Just the Latest of Joe’s Blunders Abroad

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Biden’s slimy dodge on mass intel leak ignores huge damage to nation:
“I’m concerned that it happened,” said President Joe Biden on Thursday of a massive leak of top-secret intelligence, but “there’s nothing contemporaneous that I’m aware of that is of great consequence.”
What an obscene dodge.
The leak of these ultra-sensitive Pentagon documents is of huge consequence.
The documents reveal crucial strategic information, including concrete and minutely detailed assessments of Ukraine’s troop and armament capacities, as well as plans for the coming offensive that Kyiv has now had to change.
That’s the reverse of the unconditional support that Biden has pledged (if not delivered) for the invaded nation.
The docs also make public claims that are hugely destabilizing to our most trusted ally in the Middle East, i.e. statements that Israel’s supposedly apolitical Mossad supported the recent protests against a judicial reform law.
Perhaps worst of all, they show that Uncle Sam can’t be bothered to keep secrets safe — even when they concern US clandestine surveillance of allies.
And the now-reportedly-identified leaker, Jack Teixeira, is a 21-year-old Massachusetts Air National Guardsman, who apparently shared the info to impress a bunch of teen videogamers. --->READ MORE HERE
AP/Patrick Semansky
Screw-ups in leaked docs are just the latest of Joe’s blunders abroad
Biden-era disasters refuse to end.
The latest: a horrific leak of classified documents that’s undermined Ukraine’s defense against Russia, damaged relations with allies, exposed intelligence sources and further eroded trust.
Meanwhile, the docs expose (some of) the damage President Joe Biden’s already done to America’s standing in the world.
And the Bidenites have no clue how such sensitive documents could’ve become public, or what more might surface.
“We don’t know who’s behind this” or “what the motive is,” conceded National Security Council spokesman John Kirby. Is that worrisome? “You’re darn right it is.”
Meanwhile,the prez is busy trying to repair the damage . . . oh, wait, no: He’s gallivanted off with Hunter and the rest of the family to Ireland.
Where he’s dodging the press.
He plainly doesn’t want to discuss what the docs seem to reveal.
Like info on the preparation of Ukrainian brigades in advance of an expected offensive, and on tanks, artillery, equipment and supply lines. And word that the war-torn nation’s air defenses will be exhausted by next month. --->READ MORE HERE
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