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'You're not willing to answer a question!' Ted Cruz Accuses AG Merrick Garland of Ignoring Threats to Supreme Court Justices and Crisis Pregnancy Centers in VERY Heated Senate Exchange; Ted Cruz Clashes with Merrick Garland Over DOJ Response to Supreme Court Leak: 'You did nothing', and related stories

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'You're not willing to answer a question!' Ted Cruz accuses AG Merrick Garland of ignoring threats to Supreme Court justices and crisis pregnancy centers in VERY heated Senate exchange:
Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz revisiting his angry grilling of Attorney General Merrick Garland onstage at the CPAC Conference – accusing him of arrogance and calling him 'complicit' with Supreme Court abortion protesters.
He said Cruz can beat conservative boogeyman Dr. Anthony Fauci when it comes to arrogance.
'Garland looks at you like: "How dare you ask me a question."'
The crowd of conservative activists cheered a Cruz's takedowns of the nation's top law enforcement officer when the exchange was played on the big screen.
Cruz tore into Garland for the failure to arrest protesters who gathered outside the homes of Supreme Court justices after the leak of the Dobbs decision indicating the conservative court would overturn Roe v. Wade.
'It’s clear from that hearing that Merrick Garland's political staff had written one sentence [saying] this is your political talking point.'
Merrick Garland agrees with the protesters. He doesn’t like the Dobbs decision
He’s perfectly willing to be complicit with a left wing violent mob threatening the lives and families of the justices --->WATCH and READ MORE HERE
Ted Cruz clashes with Merrick Garland over DOJ response to Supreme Court leak: 'You did nothing':
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) got into a heated exchange with Attorney General Merrick Garland as the Texas senator accused the Justice Department chief of failing to protect conservative Supreme Court justices after they voted to overturn Roe v. Wade last summer.
Cruz accused Garland of “sitting on [his] hands” while protesters gathered at the homes of Supreme Court justices who voted in favor of overturning Roe, which ended nationwide access to abortion and returned the question of the procedure’s legality back to the states. The Texas senator specifically pointed to the pro-abortion rights group Ruth Sent Us, which leaked the home addresses of the justices online.
“When rioters descended on the homes of six Supreme Court Justices, night after night after night, you did nothing. The department did nothing," Cruz said on Wednesday.
The comment sparked a tense back-and-forth as the senator accused Garland of failing to fulfill his duties as attorney general. Garland pushed back on those claims, noting the Justice Department cannot prosecute protesters unless the U.S. Marshals issue an arrest.
Garland defended his department’s actions, noting the DOJ sent more than 70 U.S. marshals to the homes of justices in order to increase security.
“How do you decide which statutes you enforce and which ones you don’t?” Cruz asked. --->READ MORE HERE
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