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UKR's Defence Forces Strike 2 RU Anti-Aircraft Missile Systems and Several Clusters of RU Forces; Ukraine Still Able to Resupply Troops in Bakhmut; 700+ Russian Invaders, 21 Tanks, and 8 Artillery Pieces Wiped Out in a Single Day in Ukraine; UKR Forces Repel Over 80 RU Attacks, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

Ukraine's defence forces strike 2 Russian anti-aircraft missile systems and several clusters of Russian forces – General Staff report
Ukraine's defence forces have struck a Russian anti-aircraft missile system, several clusters of Russian military personnel and equipment, and an ammunition storage point.
Source: General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Facebook, information as of 18:00 on 19 March
Quote: "Over the course of the past day, Ukrainian aircraft carried out an airstrike on a Russian anti-aircraft missile system (the model has yet to be confirmed), six airstrikes on clusters of occupation forces and equipment, and one on an ammunition storage point.
Units of Rocket Forces and Artillery struck an enemy Tor anti-aircraft missile system and two clusters of occupation forces."
Details: Over the course of the past 24 hours, Russian forces carried out one missile strike and seven airstrikes, and deployed multiple-launch rocket systems (MLRS) nine times. In Zaporizhzhia Oblast, Russian occupation forces ruthlessly targeted a residential building in the Vasylivka district and several civilian infrastructure facilities in the village of Kamianske. The Russian army also shelled several civilian infrastructure facilities in Donetsk Oblast, killing and injuring civilians, damaging multi-storey buildings, privately owned houses and schools. There is a high ongoing threat of Russian strikes throughout Ukraine.
There were no significant changes on the Volyn, Polissia, Sivershchyna and Slobozhanshchyna fronts. Over the course of the past day, Russian forces shelled areas in and around Kliusy and Oleksandrivka (Chernihiv Oblast); Kharkivka, Starykove, Volfyne and Stepok (Sumy Oblast); and Hlyboke, Krasne, Vovchansk, Kolodiazne, Kamianka, Krasne Pershe, Dvorichna, Zapadne and Kindrashivka (Kharkiv Oblast). --->READ MORE HERE
REUTERS/Violeta Santos Moura 
Ukraine still able to resupply troops in battered Bakhmut, says army:
Ukrainian forces outside the battered eastern city of Bakhmut are managing to keep Russian units at bay so ammunition, food, equipment and medicines can be delivered to defenders, the army said on Saturday.
And in the latest claim to have inflicted heavy casualties, Kyiv said its troops had killed 193 Russians and injured 199 others during the course of fighting on Friday.
Russia has made the capture of Bakhmut a priority in its strategy to take control of Ukraine's eastern Donbas industrial region. The city has been largely destroyed in months of fighting, with Russia launching repeated assaults.
"We are managing to deliver the necessary munitions, food, gear and medicines to Bakhmut. We are also managing to take our wounded out of the city," military spokesperson Serhiy Cherevaty told the ICTV television channel.
He said Ukrainian scouts and counter-artillery fire were helping keep open some roads into the city. As well as inflicting heavy casualties, pro-Kyiv forces shot down two Russian drones and destroyed five enemy ammunition depots on Friday, he added. --->READ MORE HERE
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