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Ukrainian Military Waiting for Final Russian Suicidal Assault in Bakhmut; UKR Forces Attack Key Enemy Positions, 15 RU Tanks Destroyed in 24 hrs; UKR Forces Repel 114 RU Attacks; UKR Military Downs 16 Drones Overnight, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

Photo:Петро Волощенко / Facebook
Ukrainian military waiting for final Russian suicidal assault in Bakhmut, says officer:
A planned demilitarization of the Russian army is taking place in the town of Bakhmut, Donetsk Oblast, Ukrainian officer Petro Voloshchenko, nom de guerre Stone, said in an interview with Radio NV on March 20.
According to the officer, the Defense Forces are “pounding” the Russians and are waiting for their final suicidal assault in Bakhmut.
The following is a fragment of NV Radio’s interview with Voloshchenko, in which he gives his assessment of the situation in Bakhmut.
NV: Ukraine’s Operational Command East spokesman Serhiy Cherevatyi said the invaders were carrying out inertial attacks in the Bakhmut area: “It’s obvious that the Russian troops won’t be able to capture Bakhmut, but they’re still moving towards it with these inertial waves.” Do you agree with this opinion?
Voloshchenko: Yes, now I absolutely agree with the opinion of the spokesman of the eastern front, he’s right. At first, the attacks had some more or less clear, at least some outlines. But now they stopped at specific points, (the river of) Bakhmutka in the east. They’re trying to force that river, to build some engineering river crossings. But all this is covered by our mortars, our guys, who are in more advantageous positions.
The same situation is in the north – they’ve stopped. They’ve not had much success — about five days ago they occupied one of the shops, took a joyful selfie, and that’s it. Then our guys surrounded and destroyed them there, so there are no more selfie men.
South. They’re trying to get to the so-called “plane.” (Here, Voloshchenko is referring to the monument to the MiG-17 jet fighter at the western entrance to Bakhmut. The monument was reported to have been destroyed on March 10 — ed.)
Unfortunately, the “plane” no longer exists since they couldn’t capture that Tchaikovsky intersection (with vul. Korsunskoho). They destroyed it physically from a distance. --->READ MORE HERE
Photo: Command of the Air Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine 
Ukrainian forces attack key enemy positions, 15 Russian tanks destroyed in last 24 hours:
Ukrainian Defense Forces attacked key Russian positions over the last 24 hours, the Ukrainian military’s General Staff said in its morning report on Facebook on March 21.
Ukraine’s aviation forces carried out 12 strikes on areas of Russian soldiers and equipment, while rocket and artillery hit three other areas of Russia’s occupation forces.
Russian forces launched 21 air and nine missile strikes, including one on the city of Slovyansk. There were no reported civilian casualties.
A separate missile strike damaged seven multi-story buildings and three private cars in Kramatorsk, with no reported civilian casualties.
Russian troops also fired 57 times from multiple launch rocket systems.
Meanwhile, Ukraine’s General Staff said in its daily loss report that since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine the aggressor has lost about 166,570 soldiers, including 960 over the past day.
According to the Ukrainian military, Russian losses as of March 21 were as follows (change over the previous day in parentheses): --->READ MORE HERE
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