Thursday, March 30, 2023

‘Transgender-Affirming Care’ Leads to Murder of 3 Kids in Church School: Audrey set out to destroy women and girls - just as she had destroyed her own femininity; Nashville Tragedy Shows Why It Isn’t Compassionate To Fuel Mental Illness

‘Transgender-Affirming Care’ Leads to Murder of 3 Kids in Church School:
Audrey set out to destroy women and girls - just as she had destroyed her own femininity.
Female mass shooters are extremely rare.
Audrey Hale’s massacre of children and teachers at the Covenant church school in Nashville, Tennessee, makes her one of only three female mass rampage killers in America.
But Audrey had wanted to be a man. Audrey Elizabeth Hale changed her name to Aiden, cut her hair short, covered it with a red cap, put on camo pants and began killing children.
“Unsex me here and fill me from the crown to the toe top-full Of direst cruelty! make thick my blood,” a maddened Lady Macbeth rants. Audrey had unsexed herself to carry out the kind of rampage that traditionally only a man would have been ready to conduct. The multiple weapons, the manifesto, and the facility plans reflect the kind of attacks that young male mass shooters have carried out in the past. Audrey could never change her ‘sex’, but like Lady Macbeth she could commit traditionally male crimes by using cruelty to ‘unsex’ herself. Much like men who pretend to be women become insulting caricatures, all high heels, lipstick and shrill giggles, Audrey’s Lady Macbeth became a horrifying caricature of a man, brutal, violent and insane.
The majority of Audrey’s six victims were women and little girls. That is likely no coincidence.
Hating her own sex, Audrey set out to destroy women and girls as she had destroyed her own femininity. Transgender serial killers like Douglas/Donna Perry, Jeffrey Gorton and Hadden Clark have often targeted women and girls, but Audrey was not a man who wanted to be a woman. She was a woman who had been taught to hate being a woman with the same ultimate results written in blood on the carpeted floors of a church school until it was ended by real men.
Women and little girls died in Nashville because a woman had been taught to hate being a girl.
It’s unclear what medications Audrey might have taken, but the use of testosterone by women to suppress their biology for transgender purposes has been found in studies to cause aggression. (Expect these studies to disappear, be condemned or withdrawn after the Nashville shooting on account of being politically inconvenient.) --->READ MORE HERE
The Covenant School/YouTube
Nashville Tragedy Shows Why It Isn’t Compassionate To Fuel Mental Illness:
Behind all the partisanship of the shooting story is an unavoidable reality: Our modern mental-health crisis is out of control
It’s difficult to fathom that several families started their day with one less precious child around the breakfast table this morning. It’s also hard to fathom responding to that reality — caused by a transgender mass shooter who left three 9-year-olds and several adults dead in a “targeted attack” at a Christian elementary school — by confessing you misgendered the murderer and blasting your political opponents over the same tired gun-control talking points.
But behind all the partisan smoke and mirrors of the Nashville story is an unmistakable and unavoidable reality: Our modern mental health crisis is out of control.
You don’t even have to dig into the glaring transgender element of the case to acknowledge this fact. No mentally healthy person blasts their way into a building of defenseless children to murder them in cold blood, much less devises a detailed plan literally mapping out how to make it happen. Transgender perpetrator or not, this sick pattern has repeated itself with unsettling frequency.
And though President Joe Biden, his press secretary, and other politicians disgustingly spun the attack to blame so-called “assault weapons” and imply conservatives are complicit in mass murder, the simple reality is that over the past handful of decades, firearms have changed very little. Meanwhile, mental illness has proliferated and our culture’s conception of it dangerously evolved.
That’s why the transgender identity of the shooter can’t be fully ignored — not for those who truly care to understand the gnarly roots of this violence. Despite the protestations of LGBT apologists, gender dysphoria and trans-related narcissism are inextricable from America’s broader mental health emergency. A Celebration of Sickness --->READ MORE HERE
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