Thursday, March 30, 2023

The Southern Border is a Hybrid War Zone: And the targets are U.S. citizens and U.S. sovereignty; Mexican cartels are as dangerous as al Qaeda and ISIS. Will Team Biden ever wake up?

The Southern Border is a Hybrid War Zone:
And the targets are U.S. citizens and U.S. sovereignty
The March 12 Incident on the Paso Del Norte Bridge confirms the U.S.-Mexico border is once again a war zone.
The March 12 Incident is an outrage that demonstrates the U.S. is currently under continuous hybrid war assault.
The hybrid war’s current weapons: deadly drugs (fentanyl), human trafficking (to include child sex and work slavery), migrants sapping social welfare dollars budgeted for deprived American citizens and noncitizens voting illegally.
Illegal votes equal hijacked U.S. elections.
Don’t exclude these horrors: enemies evading border controls to spread infectious diseases and terrorists masked as illegal aliens who use porous and undefended borders to enter the U.S. and embed as “sleeper agents” for future enemy action.
Video cameras on the Mexican side captured the human wave assault’s initial surge. A swarming thousand — overwhelmingly male — funnels into the bridge and below a sign reading “Feliz Viaje” (bon voyage) attempt to physically overrun security personnel and break into the U.S.
The personnel to mob would crush and stomp: Border Patrol agents, local and state police — blue-collar American citizens with badges suddenly outnumbered 10 to one and defending the U.S. from invasion. --->READ MORE HERE
Mexican cartels are as dangerous as al Qaeda and ISIS. Will Team Biden ever wake up?:
Latest estimate from federal government finds that major Mexican cartels are in at least 60 of our cities
There is a new existential threat facing our nation and it’s coming to a neighborhood near you.
I was at West Point during 9/11 and watched live as the Twin Towers collapsed because terrorism gripped our homeland. After the attacks, I fought to defend our homeland from the rising threat of terrorism fueled by radical extremism.
I know what the face of terror looks like, and this new threat to the homeland is killing Americans indiscriminately, yet the terrorists committing these acts are not motivated by warped religious views. They’re motivated by profit with the goal of destabilizing the United States.
On 9/11, we were introduced to al Qaeda, the Taliban and ISIS. Today, thanks to Joe Biden’s open border policy, America has been introduced to the Sinaloa, Gulf, Juárez, Knights Templar, and Los Zetas cartels, just to name a few.
These are the new faces of terror, and the Biden administration is doing nothing to stop them. Their campaign of deadly drug trafficking and brutal violence has taken hold of our communities and is killing Americans every single day. These cartels are working relentlessly to bring illegal drugs into the country to profit off killing our young people.
The DEA estimates that 90% of all of the illegal drugs in the United States enter through our southern border, which has been responsible for killing over 100,000 Americans in 2022 alone. These horrific overdoses and deaths can largely be attributed to the record number of illegal immigrants being used as unwilling mules for the cartels. Mexican cartels have also created drug pipelines throughout the United States that have contributed to the rise of violent crimes and drug addiction among millions of Americans. --->READ MORE HERE
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