Wednesday, March 1, 2023

The Kiss of Death: Jeb Bush throws support behind Ron DeSantis challenge to Trump; Trump rips DeSantis as Jeb Bush redux

Jeb Bush throws support behind Ron DeSantis challenge to Trump:
Former Gov. Jeb Bush (R-FL) heaped praise on Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL), backing him as a model candidate for the White House.
In a Fox News special, Bush said DeSantis should run for higher office, arguing that it was time for a "generational change" in politics.
“Who better to do it than someone who’s been outside of Washington, who’s governed effectively, who I think has shown that Florida can be a model for the future of our country,” Bush said when asked if DeSantis should run for president.
“He’s been a really effective governor. He’s young. I think we’re on the verge of a generational change in our politics — kind of hope so. I think it’s time for a more forward-leaning, future-oriented conversation, our politics, as well,” he added. --->READ MORE HERE
Donald Trump rips Ron DeSantis as Jeb Bush redux:
The former President is having flashbacks to 2016.
Former President Donald Trump is starting out the week trashing Florida’s Governor by comparing him with a predecessor.
In a post to Truth Social, the former President linked Ron DeSantis, a likely candidate for President next year, to Jeb Bush. The former Governor and one-time 2016 front-runner was vanquished by Trump on his way to the Republican presidential nomination.
The juxtaposition of “Low Energy Jeb” with the current Governor, who has been reluctant to attack Trump at all, seems like one of many Trumpian fronts ahead of DeSantis entering the race.
“Fox News is promoting Ron DeSanctus so hard and so much that there’s not much time left for Real News. Reminds me of 2016 when they were pushing ‘JEB!’ The new Fox Poll, which have always been purposely terrible for me, has ‘TRUMP Crushing DeSanctimonious,’ but they barely show it. Instead they go with losers like Karl Rove, Paul Ryan and now, even ‘Yesper,’ who have been wrong about everything! Isn’t there a big, beautiful, Network which wants to do well, and make a fortune besides? FAKE NEWS!” --->READ MORE HERE
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