Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Stefanik Forms Northern Border Caucus to Confront Spike in Illegal Immigration From Canada; US Border With Canada On Pace To Quadruple Number Of Migrant Encounters

Stefanik forms northern border caucus to confront spike in illegal immigration from Canada:
House Republicans have launched a new caucus to respond to a growing number of illegal immigrant arrests along the U.S.-Canada borde.
Nearly 30 House Republicans signed on Tuesday to the Northern Border Security Caucus, which is being co-led by House Republican Conference Chairwoman Elise Stefanik (NY), Rep. Ryan Zinke (MT), and Rep. Mike Kelly (PA).
“Joe Biden’s failure to secure the Southern Border has brought his crisis home to my district along the Northern Border. This can no longer be ignored, and I am proud to join the Northern Border Security Caucus to hold the Biden Administration accountable for the illegal immigrants and drugs he has allowed to pour into Upstate communities,” Stefanik said in a statement to the Washington Examiner.
The number of immigrants arrested after illegally crossing the Canadian border into parts of New England jumped in January to levels never seen before — and during the most dangerous time of year.
Border Patrol agents stationed across the northernmost part of upstate New York , Vermont , and New Hampshire apprehended 367 noncitizens who crossed the northern border last month. The 367 figure is more than the previous 12 Januarys combined: 344. --->READ MORE HERE
US border with Canada on pace to quadruple number of migrant encounters:
It’s not just the southern border that’s become a crisis under President Biden — the U.S. border with Canada is on pace to quadruple migrant encounters from the north.
In a scathing letter to Biden’s Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, Rep. Elise Stefanik, who represents much of New York’s northern border with Canada, rips the administration for letting a nearly four-fold surge of migrants and killer drugs like fentanyl sneak into the US from the northeastern front, which also includes Vermont and Maine.
Stefanik said Customs and Border Patrol agents reported 2,238 migrant encounters for all of fiscal year 2022. But in the first four months of the current fiscal year, migrant encounters have skyrocketed to 2,227 — nearly surpassing last year’s total.
“This recent influx, along with spikes in drug smuggling and lack of US Border Patrol (USBP) agent staffing, is yet another troubling example of your failure to protect and secure the homeland,” Stefanik, a top GOP House leader, wrote in the letter, co-signed by fellow upstate Rep. Nick Langworthy.
“Over the last two years, southern border states have been overwhelmed with record illegal immigration, drug smuggling, and crime that has continuously poured into the local communities,” she wrote.
“This administration has watched idly as these our states bear the brunt of disastrous and dangerous policies. Now, your refusal to address these crises has left America’s northern border communities, from Alaska to Maine, along the world’s longest international border, at the forefront of a growing threat to our national security.” --->READ MORE HERE
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