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Normal People Say ‘No Másk’: We fought for three years, and the Covid fear-mongers lost; Parents Fed Up as Hundreds of Colleges Still Mandate COVID Vaccines: 'Laboratory of guinea pigs', and other C-Virus related stories

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Normal People Say ‘No Másk’:
We fought for three years, and the Covid fear-mongers lost
We’ve won the war. By “we,” I mean normal people who want normal things: community, connection, creativity, with a bit of dancing on the side. For three years, we’ve had to battle those who were unwilling to tolerate any Covid risk and demanded that the world conform to their fears. At times I was sure we would lose.
Most articles I read during the pandemic crowed that the bulk of humanity was ready to embrace a constricted life indefinitely, if it also meant a (possibly) safer life. In 2020 National Geographic asserted that the pandemic was “reshaping our senses of fear and disgust” and would lead us to avoid crowds for years. In 2021 Bloomberg predicted the pandemic would permanently change the fitness industry, with virtual workouts out-muscling the sweaty-bodies format. Travel would also change forever. In an article “updated” in November 2022, Reader’s Digest told us to expect preboarding temperature checks, mask requirements and socially distanced airplane seating “forever, or at least for the foreseeable future.”
In October 2020, Tom Frieden, a former Centers for Disease Control and Prevention director, proclaimed that “masks are in and handshakes out for the indefinite future.” A March 2021 Vox article marveled at the oddity of watching maskless gatherings in movies and on TV, as though this behavior belonged to some quaint prehistoric era.
I am happy to report that the prognosticators were dead wrong. The year 2023 is marching to a new drumbeat—an infectiously catchy rhythm that sounds remarkably like the Old Normal. International travel, leisure travel, business travel—it’s all back, and then some. And let me tell you about the medical conferences I attended over the past six months in Barcelona, Milan, New York, Montreal and Miami Beach. There were a lot more handshakes than masks, and these are doctors we’re talking about. People are even blowing out their birthday-cake candles: I’ve seen it happen twice in the past two months. It’s only on Twitter that people still insist we must #BringBackMasks to stave off the apocalypse. --->READ MORE HERE
Parents fed up as hundreds of colleges still mandate COVID vaccines: 'Laboratory of guinea pigs':
More than 800 colleges still have a vaccine mandate, No College Mandates claims
Parents and students alike are still battling vaccine mandates at colleges nationwide more than three years after the pandemic first began.
Kristina Kristen, whose son attends the University of California-Irvine, is one of those parents. Even though her son was granted a religious exemption from the mandate, she said she is still "concerned" about the unknowns surrounding the shot.
She joined "Fox & Friends First" on Wednesday to discuss her angst surrounding the vaccine's potential long-term side effects, and her broader scrutiny with the mandate.
"I am very concerned about the… long-term effects of these vaccines just from the… devastating effects from the short-term, immediate effects from the vaccines," Kristen told co-host Todd Piro Wednesday. "It's clear that there may very well be long-term unknown downstream potential hazards such as cancer or cancers or autoimmune issues, etc., so this is an unknown territory."
"They are creating a laboratory of guinea pigs by making our students take these shots without knowing the long-term effects," she continued.
According to No College Mandates, there are at least 800 colleges that require the primary COVID vaccine, at least 250 that require a booster shot, and at least 25 that mandate a bivalent shot. --->READ MORE HERE
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