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Military: Importance of Holding Bakhmut 'only increasing'; RU Loses 500+ Troops killed and Wounded in Bakhmut in Past 24 hrs; UKR Air Defense Downs 34 Missiles, 4 Drones; UKR's Military Says it hit 13 RU Temporary Bases Over Past Day, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

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Military: Importance of holding Bakhmut 'only increasing':
The importance of holding Bakhmut is "only increasing," Colonel General Oleksandr Syrskyi, commander of the Ground Forces of Ukraine, said on March 9.
According to Syrskyi, the main reasons behind this are that it allows Ukraine to prepare its reserves for future counteroffensives and exhausts the resources of the Russian army, namely the "most prepared and combat-capable" soldiers from the Wagner private military contractor group.
The battle for Bakhmut, a once prosperous industrial city in Donetsk Oblast, has been raging for the past seven months. The Russian military is attempting to increase its grip over the entirety of the oblast, around half of which it currently occupies.
Despite the heavy fighting, Ukraine has not withdrawn soldiers from the city.
On March 8, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg warned that Bakhmut could fall "in the coming days," but that the loss of the city would not represent a turning point in the war. --->READ MORE HERE
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Russia loses over 500 troops killed and wounded in Bakhmut in past 24 hours:
Russian occupation forces lost 191 servicemen killed and 319 wounded in the town of Bakhmut in Donetsk Oblast on March 9 alone, spokesman for the Eastern Group of Ukraine’s Armed Forces Serhiy Cherevatyi said on national television.
A total of 57 combat engagements took place in that frontline area, with 20 attacks and 23 combat engagements recorded near Bakhmut.
Cherevatyi reported the situation near Bakhmut was under control and invading troops still could not break through the Ukrainian defense.
During a meeting of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief's Staff on March 6, Commander of the Ukrainian Ground Forces Oleksandr Syrskyi and Ukrainian Armed Forces Commander-in-Chief Valerii Zaluzhnyi called for the continued defense of Bakhmut and for the further strengthening of Ukrainian positions in the area.
Earlier, Cherevatyi told Radio NV that the Ukrainian Armed Forces were fulfilling two main tasks in defending Bakhmut — preventing the enemy from systematically breaking through the Ukrainian defense and inflicting maximum losses in enemy personnel and equipment. --->READ MORE HERE
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