Friday, March 24, 2023

ICE Deportations of Illegal Immigrant Criminals Dropping Sharply Under Biden'; Biden's Planned ICE Deportations of Criminal Immigrants Down 85% Compared to Obama

Immigration and Customs Enforcement
ICE deportations of illegal immigrant criminals dropping sharply under Biden:
The agency deported 150,000 in FY 2019 but now is aiming to deport less than 30,000 a year
The number of convicted criminal illegal immigrants deported by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has dropped significantly during the Biden administration, according to data released by the administration, and officials are dramatically lowering targets for years to come.
In its Congressional Budget Justification for fiscal 2024, DHS provided a budget overview for ICE and included information about the numbers for the return and removal of "noncitizens who have a prior criminal conviction from the United States by ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO)."
In fiscal 2020, the last full year of the Trump administration, the agency aimed to deport 151,000 convicted criminal illegal immigrants, and deported just over 100,000. In fiscal 2021, the target was 97,440 and just 39,149 were removed. By 2022, the first full fiscal year of the Biden administration, the target had dropped to 91,500 and just over 38,000 had been deported.
The agency has now lowered the targets for fiscal 2023 and 2024 to just 29,393 deportations for each year.
In an explanatory note, ICE said it is taking "every action possible to reduce factors that detract from removal performance, including constant efforts to obtain increased levels of cooperation from foreign countries and increasing the frequency of transport for detainees where possible." --->READ MORE HERE
Biden's planned ICE deportations of criminal immigrants down 85% compared to Obama:
The Biden administration is internally planning to deport an unprecedentedly low number of illegal immigrants with criminal convictions beyond illegal entry, down about 85% compared to the peak of the Obama administration, according to a government document justifying the White House budget proposal for the upcoming year.
Homeland Security documents that offer a detailed breakdown of the department's budget request for more than $60 billion in fiscal 2023 show that Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Enforcement Removal Operations Arm envisioned deporting 29,393 criminal immigrants this year, as well as in fiscal 2024 — a drop from last year and a significant decline from the previous two administrations.
Fiscal years begin in October of the previous year and run through the following September.
President Joe Biden's anticipated removals are drastically lower compared to the more than 199,000 criminals that ICE removed in 2012, the highest year on record under former President Barack Obama. That year, more than 400,000 illegal immigrants were removed, and roughly half had been convicted of separate violent crimes. --->READ MORE HERE
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