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George Mason Study Finds 'no evidence' That Vaccine Mandates in Major Cities Reduced COVID-19 Cases; Natural Immunity Found to be as Effective as COVID Vaccine — 3 Years After Mandates: Lancet Study, and other C-Virus related stories

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George Mason study finds 'no evidence' that vaccine mandates in major cities reduced COVID-19 cases:
A new study from the Mercatus Center at George Mason University concluded that COVID-19 vaccine mandates in nine major cities did not appear to make a difference in terms of curbing cases deaths from the pandemic
The study examined mandates and statistics from Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New Orleans, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, Washington, D.C.
"We find no evidence that the announcement or implementation of indoor vaccine mandate in the cities listed had any significant effect on vaccine uptake, COVID-19 cases, or COVID-19 deaths, and this is largely consistent for all US cities that implemented the mandate," said a working paper on the study, titled, "Indoor Vaccine Mandates in US Cities, Vaccination Behavior, and COVID-19 Outcomes."
The authors, Vitor Melo, Elijah Neilson, and Dorothy Kemboi, noted that vaccine mandates were among a number of measures used with the intention of reducing the spread of COVID-19 and deaths from the illness. As a result, they said, "[m]illions of people were prevented from entering restaurants, bars, gyms, theaters, sports arenas, and other public indoor areas without proof of COVID-19 vaccination," with people and businesses facing "large disruptions." --->READ MORE HERE
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Natural immunity found to be as effective as COVID vaccine — 3 years after mandates: Lancet study:
Years after the rollout of vaccine mandates that led to the firing of thousands of workers, the Lancet has reported that natural immunity is just as effective as two doses of the Moderna or Pfizer shots in preventing both reinfection and serious illness from COVID-19.
The findings, which were published in the February edition of the prestigious medical journal, were based on a review of 65 separate studies from 19 different countries.
“Although protection from reinfection from all variants wanes over time, our analysis of the available data suggests that the level of protection afforded by previous infection is at least as high, if not higher than that provided by two-dose vaccination using high-quality mRNA vaccines,” the report declared.
The research was funded in part by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, with senior study author, Dr. Christopher Murray hailing the findings.
“This is really good news, in the sense that protection against severe disease and death after infection is really quite sustained at 10 months,” said Murray in a statement. The study “supports the idea that those with a documented infection should be treated similarly to those who have been fully vaccinated with high-quality vaccines,” according to researchers.
However, many who lost jobs, fell out with friends or were derided as anti-vaxxers simply for expressing skepticism about the effectiveness of the shots, are fuming about the findings.
Thousands took to social media to rage over the report, with one writing: ” ‘The science’ now shows we ‘conspiracy theorists’ were right all along.” --->READ MORE HERE
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