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Federal Funding Recipient Red Cross Gives Immigrants Maps to US-Mexico Border; Red Cross Packets Show Migrants Where To Cross The US Border, and related stories

Federal funding recipient Red Cross gives immigrants maps to US-Mexico border:
The Red Cross, a nonprofit organization that receives significant federal funding to assist people in emergency and disaster situations, has poured money into creating and printing guides that coach immigrants outside the United States on how to travel most effectively to the southern border.
The guides, which were revealed by the Daily Caller News Foundation, show Red Cross entities the American Red Cross and the International Committee of the Red Cross were behind a campaign to disseminate detailed instructions for how immigrants from all over the world can most efficiently navigate several thousand miles of land on the way to America, including how to safely jump on freight trains headed to the U.S. border.
The documents do not instruct immigrants to break federal laws imposed by Congress, which make illegally entering the country a federal offense. However, the maps and guides lead immigrants to multiple points that dead-end at the U.S. border and come at a time when a record-high 5 million immigrants have been apprehended illegally entering the country in a two-year period.
It is unclear whether federal taxpayer dollars were used to coach immigrants on how to get to the border. Such an action would mean the organization tasked with spending federal dollars used them to incentivize noncitizens to enter the U.S. illegally.
In late February, the Department of Homeland Security and its Federal Emergency Management Agency announced they would shift $350 million to the Emergency Food and Shelter Program, which goes to organizations that house, feed, and transport illegal immigrants released into border communities.
The omnibus spending legislation passed last December mandated that U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the parent agency of Border Patrol, shift $800 million to FEMA to create the program and fund additional shelter initiatives for immigrants at the border. --->READ MORE HERE
Photo by Jennie Taer/Daily Caller News Foundation
Red Cross Packets Show Migrants Where To Cross The US Border:
The American Red Cross has maps and guides for migrants to make the dangerous journeys to the U.S.-Mexico border, according to documents exclusively obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation.
The map, which is part of a packet stamped with the International Committee of the Red Cross and American Red Cross logos, shows a list of resources, including hotels, clinics and shelters where migrants can get support in Mexico and Central America. The maps include clearly defined lines leading to cities along the U.S. border. The organization also has a guide to “self care” along the journey, which includes tips on how to survive the desert and disease, how to safely jump on trains, and how to obtain contraceptives.
The U.S. government tasks the American Red Cross, whose logo is on the guide for migrants south of the border, with allocating millions of dollars in taxpayer funds to support illegal migrants released into the country.
The American Red Cross sits on the board of the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) Food and Shelter Program and is tasked with allocating funding to nongovernmental groups supporting the illegal migrants. The FEMA program received $350 million from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in February; the American Red Cross is tasked, along with other NGOs, with allocating some of those funds to support migrants after they’ve crossed the southern border and are processed with a court date.
The organization is not only facilitating help for illegal migrants in the U.S., but appears to be helping migrants make their journeys far south of the border. U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has recorded a record surge in illegal migration at the southern border, where federal authorities encountered more than 2.3 million migrants in fiscal year 2022 and more than 870,000 between October and January. --->READ MORE HERE
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