Thursday, March 9, 2023

Discover Card to Begin Tracking Gun Purchases in April; Lauren Boebert Issues Warning Over Discover's Gun-Related Tracking Plan

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Discover Card to Begin Tracking Gun Purchases in Apri:
Beginning in April 2023, Discover will become the first credit card issuer to track gun purchases made by their cardholders.
On September 11, 2022, Breitbart News noted that Visa caved to pressure from gun control groups and New York Democrats, agreeing to flag gun and ammo purchases via a new sales categorization. The Associated Press observed that Mastercard and other major credit cards also agreed to flag gun sales.
On March 2, 2023, the Independent Journal Review (IJR) reported that Discover will be first among credit card companies to track gun sales, inasmuch as the company will begin doing so in April.
IJR explained, “Anyone using a Discover card to make a purchase in a gun store will have that purchase tracked, beginning in April.”
There are over 55 million Discover cards in usage, so a lot of information on gun purchases can be gathered via that one company.
Reuters pointed out Discover Financial Services was ahead of Visa and Mastercard in February 2023, noting that Discover would “allow its network to track purchases at gun retailers come April, making it the first among its peers to publicly give a date for moving ahead with the initiative, which is aimed at helping authorities probe gun-related crimes.” --->READ MORE HERE
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Lauren Boebert Issues Warning Over Discover's Gun-Related Tracking Plan:
Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert is calling on Congress to "immediately" review a new policy by Discover Financial Services that will allow its network to track purchases that credit card holders make at gun retailers.
According to a February report from Reuters, Discover will become the first financial institution to implement the policy, starting in April, and it is intended to assist authorities investigating gun-related crimes.
Discover's announcement follows a decision by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in September to create a dedicated code for gun retailers. As Reuters writes, the ISO, based in Geneva, Switzerland, decides the classification codes for merchant categories where credit cards are used.
On Thursday, Boebert, a Republican who is known for her pro-gun stance, tweeted that Discover's policy "is a MASSIVE problem Congress needs to address, IMMEDIATELY."
Discover has also received backlash from the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), which posted an article in February by Larry Keane, senior vice president for government and public affairs at NSSF, claiming the new policy means "Discover is selling out customers using their credit cards at firearm retailers."
"Discover is the first credit card company to fall in line with this "woke" banking credit card code scheme," Keane wrote. "They're just two percent of the credit card business, but they might want to use their own cards to buy new slogans. The old ones of promising not to sell out their customers no longer apply." --->READ MORE HERE
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