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China’s Secret Police Actively Hunting People On US Soil; GOP Congressman Warns of Chinese 'police stations' in US: 'How have we allowed this to happen?'

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China’s secret police actively hunting people on US soil:
The revelations read like an overwrought spy thriller: secret foreign police stations in Manhattan, shady foreign security thugs hunting American residents in American neighborhoods.
But they weren’t fiction: Following stories in The Post, last month The New York Times reported that the FBI raided a non-descript building in Chinatown where the innocent-looking community association on the third floor hid a nefarious surprise — an unauthorized “police service center” linked to the Chinese Communist Party.
That secret police station is a terrifying threat to Chinese-Americans, other CCP targets — and American sovereignty itself.
The Times speculated that these stations are linked to what the CCP calls “Operation Fox Hunt”: an allegedly anti-corruption campaign that more often veers into intimidation, harassment and, at times, even coerced rendition of United States residents.
Not in Beijing or Hong Kong or some distant province. Right here. On American soil. And the Spain-based human-rights group Safeguard Defenders has identified such CCP secret-police stations across our country as well as in Britain, France, Spain, Germany and Japan.
The FBI calls it “transnational repression.” In practice, that means a gang of men sent by the CCP hunt down your location in the United States, “escort” your elderly father over from China in the company of a “doctor” and sit outside your house until you’re forced to listen to their blackmail. As ProPublica reports, they surveil your daughter, taking video of her, harassing her online. --->READ MORE HERE
GOP congressman warns of Chinese 'police stations' in US: 'How have we allowed this to happen?':
House China Select Committee Chairman Mike Gallagher hosted a press event Saturday at a former illegal Chinese Communist Party police station in downtown Manhattan.
"This innocent-looking building that you see behind me has an unauthorized secret police station linked to the Chinese Communist Party," said Gallagher. "The nonprofit Safeguard Defenders discovered over 100 of these illegal police stations around the world, including at least two more on United States soil."
Gallagher was joined by Rep. Ritchie Torres, D-N.Y., and Rep. Neal Dunn, R-Fla. in an effort to shine a light on the threat the CCP poses to the United States and the need for the Biden administration to act "aggressively" to defend U.S. sovereignty.
Last year, the pan-Asian human rights organization Safeguard Defenders published an investigation called "Patrol and Persuade" that said another 48 Chinese police service stations were operating abroad in addition to the 54 the group had identified in September.
"It's rare to find someone who hasn't experienced at least some low-level form of digital harassment from CCP agents," Gallagher said at the Saturday press conference. "How have we allowed this to happen on American soil? The answer, in my opinion, is that we have been blind while the CCP has been very cunning."
He continued, "They buy our politicians, multinational organizations, companies and in some cases, law enforcement. They use muscle and threats instead of persuasion. And like the Mafia, they aren't afraid to make people disappear." --->READ MORE HERE
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