Thursday, February 16, 2023

Ukraine Eliminates 5,000 Russian Soldiers from Battle, Including Elite Brigade Members; Videos Show Russians Losing Dozens of Armored Vehicles in Ukrainian Ambush; Russian Soldiers Dying at Highest Rate Since Beginning of War; Ukraine: What Would Nixon Do?, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

Ukraine eliminates 5,000 Russian soldiers from battle, including elite brigade members: report
Ukraine took out more than 5,000 Russian soldiers from battle — killing, wounding or imprisoning the troops — after Russian forces attempted to collect intel on Ukrainian defense capabilities in Vuhledar, according to a report.
A Ukrainian official told Politico the Ukrainians eliminated the thousands of soldiers, including members of an elite Russian brigade, when the 155th naval infantry troops stormed the coal-mining town in the Donetsk region in late January.
Ukrainian soldiers also killed the brigade’s command staff and destroyed 130 pieces of equipment, including 36 tanks, said Oleksiy Dmytrashkivskyi, head of the united press center of the Tavriskiy District of Ukrainian defense forces.
He added that Russian forces were typically losing 150 to 300 marines a day near Vuhledar.
However, some estimates are even higher. UK officials said a stunning 824 Russian troops are dying each day, citing Ukrainian General Staff updates.
A rate of 824 deaths per day is about four times higher than the mean in June-July 2022, the UK government said.
Dmytrashkivskyi said the elite 155th brigade has needed new manpower three times. --->READ MORE HERE
Videos show Russians losing dozens of armored vehicles in Ukrainian ambush:
Graphic drone footage appears to show dozens of Russian armored vehicles getting ambushed and destroyed during a single botched attack near the coal-mining town of Vuhledar in eastern Ukraine, which Moscow’s forces have been trying to capture for months.
Vuhledar, a Ukrainian stronghold at the strategic intersection between the eastern and southern front lines, has seen some of the bloodiest fighting of the war as the Kremlin is gearing up for a decisive offensive on the eastern front.
Based on the newly released video evidence, a column of dozens of tanks and armored vehicles was lost or damaged last week, with a large number of troops apparently killed.
Russian soldiers are seen in aerial footage fleeing for their lives under sustained aerial bombardment by the Ukrainians.
In the chaos, Russian tanks are seen mowing down their own men.
One of the recordings shows a tank driving over a pile of bodies dressed in uniforms. Another shows a Russian serviceman completely engulfed in flames running away from a tank across a snowy landscape.
One military blogger said Thursday that 31 armored vehicles had been destroyed by Ukrainian drones after being sent in without artillery cover to attack Ukrainian positions.
“Thirty-one armored vehicles of the 155th Separate Guards Marine Brigade from the Russian Pacific Fleet were destroyed during an assault on Vuhledar,” the Moscow Calling blog reported. --->READ MORE HERE
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