Friday, February 24, 2023

Trump Visits East Palestine, Rips Biden for Indifference; Trump Has Powerful Three-Word Message for Biden During East Palestine Supply Drop

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Trump Visits East Palestine, Rips Biden for Indifference:
On Wednesday, former President Trump toured East Palestine, Ohio, and criticized Joe Biden for ignoring the environmental disaster there, accusing him of “indifference and betrayal” while speaking to residents.
“I sincerely hope that when your representatives and all of the politicians get here, including Biden, they get back from touring Ukraine, that he’s got some money left over,” Trump said. “The Biden administration should ensure that every family has the option of moving and homes and everything else until this thing is straightened out.”
Trump also criticized the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for its repeated refusal to provide disaster relief until after Trump announced his planned visit.
“Unfortunately, as you know, in too many cases your goodness and perseverance were met with indifference and betrayal in some cases,” Trump continued. “And Biden and FEMA said they would not send aid to East Palestine under any circumstance.”
“When I announced that I was coming, they changed their tune. It was an amazing phenomenon,” he continued, later adding that he “opened up the dam and we got them to move.” --->READ MORE HERE
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Trump Has Powerful Three-Word Message for Biden During East Palestine Supply Drop:
Let’s be clear: with three simple words, former President Donald Trump made absolute fools out of President Joe Biden and his Cabinet.
I’m not a political strategist, but honestly, you don’t need to be one to understand that the Biden administration could have saved mountains of embarrassment and negative press by taking a few hours this week to make an appearance in East Palestine, Ohio, in the wake of the toxic train derailment.
Showing up is what leadership is all about, yet the only places Biden showed up to this week were Poland and Ukraine, where he doled out more of your hard-earned tax money — another $500 million, to be exact.
Like any other compassionate and caring American, Trump understood that our friends in Ohio needed a leadership figure on the ground for a few hours to provide comfort and support. With many people in the town feeling “forgotten,” as Sen. J.D. Vance (R-Ohio) told Axios, a strong leader showing up and telling them everything will eventually be all right is what the fine people of East Palestine needed for that little boost to keep them going.
One reporter fired off the perfect question as the former president mingled with attending reporters, asking Trump if he had a message for President Biden.
“What’s your message to Joe Biden?” Turning Point USA reporter Savanah Hernandez shouted.
“Get over here,” Trump responded. --->READ MORE HERE
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