Monday, February 20, 2023

The State of the Border: an Illustrated Analysis of Biden's Failure to Secure the Southwest Border; Report: Alejandro Mayorkas Allowed 1.17 Million Migrant Got-Aways

The State of the Border: an Illustrated Analysis of Biden's Failure to Secure the Southwest Border:
The Issue
The first two years of President Joe Biden’s administration have ushered in a systematic dismantling of the American immigration enforcement system. Many of the positive changes made during the previous administration have been reversed. In their place, the Biden administration has launched new policies that encourage and even directly facilitate illegal immigration.
In this issue brief, FAIR takes an in-depth look at immigration enforcement data from President Biden’s first two years in office. The following figures paints a dire but unsurprising conclusion: weakening border enforcement while making illegal immigration easier has created a historic crisis by every measure examined.
The Impact
The monthly number of encounters (formerly called apprehensions) at the Southwest border has historically served as a general indicator of how secure the border is. Encounters at the border tend to significantly increase when the administration in power weakens border enforcement, and vice versa. The Biden administration is expelling far fewer illegal aliens annually than both the Trump and Obama administrations, and is abusing “humanitarian parole” to quickly release apprehended aliens into the country’s interior. This has led to the apprehension of more than 4.5 million illegal aliens during first two years of the Biden presidency.
Unfortunately, beginning in 2023, this data will become far less useful as the Biden administration is now redirecting many illegal aliens at the Southwest Border to new “expanded legal pathways” programs that are not counted in these statistics. These programs don’t reduce the actual number of illegal aliens entering the U.S., but they will make this highly visible number less useful for gauging the severity of the border crisis. --->READ MORE HERE
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Report: Alejandro Mayorkas Allowed 1.17 Million Migrant Got-Aways
More than 1.17 million economic migrants have been allowed to sneak across President Joe Biden’s border, amid the millions of migrants who surrender to border guards, according to government data shared by the Federation of American Immigration Reform.
The flood of so-called illegal-migrant “got-aways” spiked from roughly 40,000 per month in 2021 to almost 90,000 in December 2022, according to FAIR’s report, titled “The State of the Border: New FAIR Issue Brief Paints a Grim Picture of a Self-Induced Disaster.”
All told. “There were 1,174,385 gotaways during the first two years of President Biden’s tenure,” said FAIR.
That southern flood of got-away illegals delivered one new migrant for every six of the roughly 7.3 million Americans who were born during the same two-year period.
“The cumulative numbers of people illegally entering our country have become so large that it is hard for most people to grasp the magnitude of the Biden Border Crisis,” noted Dan Stein, president of FAIR.
All told, Biden’s border chief — the Cuban-born, pro-migration zealot Alejandro Mayorkas — may have allowed, smuggled, or processed roughly 6 million migrants during Biden’s first two years. --->READ MORE HERE
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