Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Texas County Sees 540% Human Smuggling Increase Amid US Border Crisis; Biden’s Latest Border Gambit Opens America’s Doors to Evil Child Smugglers, and related stories

Texas county sees 540% human smuggling increase amid US border crisis:
A rural Texas county with just 800 citizens saw 7,400 illegal migrants arrested last year — but admits thousands more are getting away.
Terrell County, which has more cacti than residents, arrested nine border crossers for each of its citizens according to Sheriff Thaddeus Cleveland — a 540% increase in the number captured since 2020.
Numbers have exploded as the southern border is besieged by millions running away from failing states in Southern and Central America, and desperation is pushing smugglers to make the days-long trek through his territory, which is why he’s asking Gov. Greg Abbott for desperately needed help.
“It is imperative we expand border security operations here as cartel operatives continue to operate and increase their smuggling routes through our county,” he told The Post.
Cleveland, 49, patrols the county with two deputies. They have 50 border patrol officers stationed in the county, who make the bulk of arrests of illegals. Federal agents who work in other areas of the border are sent to Sanderson for two weeks at a time to help deal with the 91 miles of the most hostile terrain on the southern border. Eleven Texas Department of Public Safety state troopers are also assigned to the area.
“The terrain here is the most unforgiving among the 2,000-mile stretch of border with Mexico,” Cleveland described. “It’s the most difficult to traverse — nothing but hills, canyons, mountains, even 2,000-foot cliffs. You look at this terrain and you think, ‘There’s no way people cross here,’ but yes, they do.” --->READ MORE HERE
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Biden’s Latest Border Gambit Opens America’s Doors to Evil Child Smugglers:
Two years ago, the Biden administration unleashed a catastrophic crisis at our southwest border. Since then, it has doubled down on the policies that sparked this crisis, despite the clear national security, humanitarian, and public health consequences.
What often gets lost in the big debates in Washington, though, are the thousands of innocent lives devastated by Biden’s radical agenda—not only American citizens, but the migrants themselves.
Sadly, since Biden has been in the White House, more than 1,700 migrants have died on U.S. soil while trying to enter this county illegally. And that’s just the ones that have been recorded. Many more will never be found in the river or the thousands of square miles of harsh wilderness.
Biden’s latest gambit will only cause thousands more innocent people to needlessly suffer.
Earlier this month, Biden announced that his administration would begin paroling 30,000 individuals from Haiti, Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua into the U.S. every month. This single policy will bring 360,000 individuals, who would otherwise have no grounds to enter the country, into the United States. As part of their application, they need to prove they have a "sponsor" in the U.S. ready to receive them.
Additionally, the administration launched a new app that would increase the number of individuals applying for asylum at ports of entry, regardless of whether they qualify.
More than 250,000 children have been smuggled into this country on Biden’s watch already, and this administration has curtailed vetting of sponsors because they are in such a hurry to release them. --->READ MORE HERE
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