Sunday, February 26, 2023

Pushing Woke Standards Over Meritocracy is Going to Get Us Killed; Airlines Are Lowering Their Hiring Standards for Pilots

Pushing woke standards over meritocracy is going to get us killed:
A recent epidemic of airline near-misses deserves both attention and reflection.
In mid-December, a San Francisco-bound United Airlines Boeing 777-200 airliner, just a little over a minute after taking off from Maui, Hawaii, suddenly dived. It lost more than half its altitude and came within 800 feet of crashing into the Pacific Ocean before pulling up.
About a month later, an American Airlines jet crossed the runway at John F. Kennedy International Airport just as a Delta Air Lines plane was accelerating for takeoff. The two aircraft nearly collided.
Then in February, a FedEx cargo jet at the Austin, Texas, airport missed crashing into a Southwest Airlines airliner by a mere 100 feet.
The same month, an American Airlines Airbus A321 was being towed out of the gate at Los Angeles International Airport and smashed into a bus carrying passengers between terminals, injuring five.
These near and actual accidents come amid a general landscape of aviation chaos.
After Christmas, Southwest Airlines simply canceled 71% of its flights. It blamed staff shortages due to storms. The airline seemed incapable of ensuring enough of its pilots, attendants, crews and airport staff could get to work.
The Federal Aviation Administration in January canceled all flight departures from the United States for two hours due a computer safety system collapse. Thousands of additional flights were canceled, many for over 24 hours.
Something has gone terribly wrong.
Either the Department of Transportation and its Secretary Pete Buttigieg, or the head of the FAA, or the quality of either ground crews, pilots or air traffic controllers — or all combined — are putting American travelers at mortal risk.
If not corrected, these near-death airline experiences and the near-collapse of the US commercial aviation system presage catastrophes to come. --->READ MORE HERE
Blake Guidry on Unsplash
Airlines Are Lowering Their Hiring Standards for Pilots:
Major United States airlines like United, Delta, and Southwest have all lowered their hiring standards for pilots in one way or another. While some say this could only lead to disaster, others argue that lowering the standards is a way to keep the industry above water, as pilot’s unions for regional airlines continue to raise hourly pay amid worker shortages.
Following multiple near-collisions of United flights and other jet airliners, skeptics are left wondering whether or not this is due to United Airlines’ recent commitment to hiring based on diversity standards.
“United said it plans to train 5,000 pilots in its flight academy by 2030 and aims for half of those students to be women or people of color.”
United Airlines’ in-house flight school, Aviate, takes students with no flight experience all the way through to commercial licenses, often setting them on a path to fly with a regional airlines affiliated with United, and eventually, a right seat as a first officer on United flights.
Fox News host Tucker Carlson blasted airlines and air traffic controllers for allegedly lowering hiring standards, stating, “This is what happens when you decide that identity is more important than aptitude in something critical like aviation. At some point, many people are going to die because of this.” For context, not one person died from flying on commercial airlines in the U.S. in recent years, in fact, the last fatal U.S. airline crash was in 2009. --->READ MORE HERE
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