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Major German Paper Reveals Pfizer Fabricated Clinical Trials to Cover Up Deaths; NYC Reportedly Sells Nearly $225M Worth of COVID Supplies for Just $500K, and other C-Virus related stories

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Horowitz: Major German paper reveals Pfizer fabricated clinical trials to cover up deaths:
According to new provisional data from the Scottish government, there were 7,314 deaths registered in January 2023, an increase of 17.7% compared to the average of 6,212. For the second week of January, there were more deaths in Scotland than ever before, including during the peak of the pandemic. Concurrently, there were 4,159 births registered in January 2023, a decrease of 6.8% compared to the average of 4,463. In other words, between a dearth of births and a plethora of deaths, there were roughly 1,400 fewer souls, the equivalent of roughly 86,000 in the United States. This is long after COVID. Why is there zero concern?
What on earth will it take to pull these death shots from the market?
Die Welt, a paper based in the home country of Pfizer partner BioNTech, revealed last week in a long expose what many of us have long known. All those sudden deaths, heart attacks, and strokes we’ve been witnessing over the past two years were indeed observed during the Pfizer clinical trial that supposedly showed the shots to be 100% safe and effective. The company simply covered up the severe adverse events by kicking those participants out of the trial and/or suggesting without evidence that the deaths had nothing to do with the experiment.
Remember, the CDC announced a few weeks ago that it had finally study a potential association between the COVID shots and strokes. Well, it turns out the agency had the opportunity to study it already in 2020 before a single human being outside the trial was injected. “Patient no. 11621327” was more than a mere number. He was a human being found dead from a stroke in his apartment just three days after the second dose. Typically, with a novel product in trial, any death – even one not so sudden – makes the product suspect until it is proven innocent. Yet in this case, Pfizer simply dismissed the death as not related to the vaccine, just as the company did with Patient #11521497, who died 20 days later from cardiac arrest.
The article also provides more details on the Buenos Aires trial site, the largest one in the world, in which attorney Augusto Roux was severely injured with pericarditis and liver damage. Instead of being recorded as a severe adverse event, he was marked as having had COVID (even though he tested negative) and was summarily removed from the trial. Roux was on my podcast last July and told me Pfizer refused to help treat his injury because officials felt it had nothing to do with the vaccine, and insurance also refused to pay for treatment because the insurance company blamed it on him willingly joining the trial. --->READ MORE HERE
NYC reportedly sells nearly $225M worth of COVID supplies for just $500K:
City officials auctioned off nearly $225 million worth of surplus COVID-19 medical equipment and safety gear for just $500,000 — or a paltry 0.2 cents on the dollar, according to a stunning report Tuesday.
The bargain-basement sales included nearly 3,000 mechanical ventilators that cost taxpayers $12 million but were unloaded as “non-functioning medical equipment for scrap metal” at a rock-bottom price of just $24,600 on Jan. 24, according to nonprofit news website The City.
It reportedly took 28 truckloads for a Long Island junk dealer to haul off the once-scarce devices, which former Mayor Bill de Blasio had predicted would help the Big Apple “beat this crisis and prepare for the next.”
“This is a story about doing the impossible,” de Blasio bragged on April 21, 2020. “We’d never made a ventilator before — and so we made thousands. We learned it would take a year — and so we did it in a month.”
De Blasio’s administration also overpaid for items that included 50,000 face shields at $6.70 each, compared to an average price at the start of the pandemic of $3.67, The City said, citing information from city Comptroller Brad Lander.
They’re now part of a massive lot of 701,000 face shields that were reportedly put up for auction last week with an opening bid of just $1,000, or 0.14 cents each.
The City blamed the epic markdowns on de Blasio’s decision to waive any oversight of his panic purchases, preventing then-Comptroller Scott Stringer from scrutinizing the emergency contracts.
One contract, for $9.1 million, reportedly went to controversial, New Jersey-based Digital Gadgets for ventilators that the company failed to deliver, then provided the city with N95 masks instead. --->READ MORE HERE
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