Saturday, March 4, 2023

Illegal Immigrants Rescued from Texas Sewer After Attempt to Sneak into US Foiled; 17 Illegal Immigrants Rescued from El Paso Sewer and Arrested by Border Patrol After Bid to Sneak into US Thwarted

Illegal immigrants rescued from Texas sewer after attempt to sneak into US foiled:
Over a dozen illegal border crossing migrants had to be rescued from an El Paso sewer this week, after their attempt to sneak into the country backfired
The fire department, working with US Border Patrol in the Texas border town, had to use a circular saw and other high-powered tools to pry open the storm drain and complete the rescue.
The drains were welded shut last year when the city was being overrun with migrants, as groups were using the sewer system to circumvent the border wall and customs agents and popping up onto the city’s streets.
All 17 illegal migrants were in good health and were taken into custody by immigration officers, and admitted to entering the country illegally.
The migrants were originally from Mexico and El Salvador, a spokesman told The Post, and have all been sent back to Mexico. --->READ MORE HERE
US Border Patrol
17 illegal immigrants rescued from El Paso sewer and arrested by Border Patrol after bid to sneak into US thwarted:
This week, a dozen illegal border crossing migrants were rescued from an El Paso sewer after their attempt to enter the country failed miserably. In the border town in Texas, the fire department and US Border Patrol had to force up the storm drain using a circular saw and high-power tools.
El Paso has emerged as a focal point in the ongoing border issue, having declared a state of emergency back in December. Residents reported having seen migrants crawling out of tunnels the same month, sometimes in groups of up to 30, as many as 2,400 migrants were entering the city daily, as reported by New York Post.
Immigration officers arrested the 17 illegal immigrants, who were all in good health and who had all admitted to entering the country unlawfully. According to a spokeswoman, the migrants were all originally from Mexico and El Salvador and have now all been returned to Mexico.
Municipal administrators have raised concerns about the dangers of tunnels used by migrants, including the risk of drowning in rushing water and encountering venomous snakes. They have stated their efforts to work with Border Patrol to deter migrants from utilizing these tunnels. --->READ MORE HERE
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