Saturday, February 4, 2023

Illegal Crossings at ‘freezing’ Canadian Border Surge During Migrant Crisis; Migrant Apprehensions Up 743 Percent in One U.S.-Canadian Border Sector in Freezing Weather

Illegal crossings at ‘freezing’ Canadian border surge during migrant crisis:
Border Patrol agents in New York, Vermont and New Hampshire apprehended more people illegally entering the US from Canada in the past three months than in the previous two years combined, authorities say.
Officials in the states, which make up the federal agency’s eastern “Swanton Sector,” saw a 743% increase in apprehensions and encounters between Oct. 1 and Dec. 31 compared to the same period in 2021, sector chief, Robert Garcia said last week in a press release.
In December, a record 441 people were detained by US Border Patrol and Customs at the Canadian border in the region after flying to Canada from at least 19 countries, according to The Center Square. Fourteen others abandoned their illicit journey to America, and at least 135 foreign nationals evaded authorities and are now in the US illegally, officials told the outlet.
Further west, the influx at the US’s frigid northern border was tragically illustrated Jan. 19, when two adults, a teen and and an infant from India were found frozen to death in a vehicle 40 feet from the border in North Dakota. --->READ MORE HERE
U.S. Border Patrol/Swanton Sector
Migrant Apprehensions Up 743 Percent in One U.S.-Canadian Border Sector in Freezing Weather:
Swanton Sector Border Patrol officials report an increase in migrant apprehensions of nearly 743 percent in the first quarter of FY23 despite life-threatening weather conditions in the Canadian border region of Vermont and New York.
During the first three months of the new fiscal year, Swanton Sector agents apprehended 1,146 migrants who crossed the border from Canada into Vermont and New York, according to the CBP Nationwide Encounters report. This compares to 136 migrant apprehensions during the same period in FY22 — an increase of nearly 743 percent.
In less than four months, Swanton Sector’s apprehensions have surpassed the COMBINED two prior years (FY2021-2022). In the face of this adversity, our #BorderPatrol Agents remain steadfast in their portrayal of our ideals: Vigilance, Integrity, & Service to Country. #HonorFirst

— Chief Patrol Agent Robert Garcia (@USBPChiefSWB) January 24, 2023
Swanton Sector agents apprehended more migrants during this period than during the entire FY22 reporting period, the CBP report reveals.
Since May 1, 2022, Swanton Sector agents experienced seven straight months of increases in apprehensions. Between May 1 and December 31, agents took 1,866 migrants into custody. This compares to the 2,004 migrants that were apprehended during FY20-22 combined. --->READ MORE HERE
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