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How a DHS Whistleblower was Silenced Over Early COVID Failures; New York’s Kid-Vaccination Collapse is a Grim Result of ‘expert’ COVID Misinfo, and other C-Virus related stories

Samuel Corum for NY Post
How a DHS whistleblower was silenced over early COVID failures:
As senior health advisor to the chief medical officer of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Dr. Tom McGinn was one of the nation’s best-placed officials to help devise a robust government response to the outbreak of the coronavirus.
In January 2020, the senior scientist in the Department’s Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction Office (CWMD) began imploring the DHS to aggressively respond to the threat he believed COVID-19 posed to the nation. Infections needed to be tracked, the country’s food-supply secured, law-enforcement agencies required help to protect their personnel and the origins of the virus had to be investigated.
“When you study emerging infectious diseases…the important thing is the earlier you can identify it, the greater the possibility you have to mitigate the impact so death and suffering are minimized,” says 68 year-old McGinn, a North Carolina-native living in Frederick County, Md. “The longer you wait to make a decision the more the disaster can escalate and cascade into…an out of control event.”
Well aware of COVID’s potential to spiral out of control – and spurred by CWMD’s legal obligation to act in times of disaster – McGinn drew up a memo questioning his office’s handling of 30 critical pandemic-related issues. Among his key concerns: How the DHS planned to monitor COVID’s spread, their strategy for developing a robust contract-tracing system and the creation of PPE employee guidelines. (They’re the types of topics addressed in the pair of White House COVID emergency declarations that Pres. Biden just announced will end in May.)
McGinn then delivered the document to CWMD managers and waited for a response. And waited. And waited. What he received instead, said McGinn, were “crickets.”
After months of silence — with scant safety protocols and minimal tracking measures in place — McGinn became so frustrated that he took matters in his own hands. In early April 2020, he submitted a dozen official Request for Information documents demanding accountability for his office’s inaction. “This is a national embarrassment that is being covered up instead of requiring DHS to address it proactively,” he wrote at that time. --->READ MORE HERE
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New York’s kid-vaccination collapse is a grim result of ‘expert’ COVID misinfo:
Chalk up yet another deadly disaster to the authoritarian bungling of public health “experts”: City Health Department data show that rates for standard childhood vaccinations have plummeted.
The first three months of fiscal 2023 saw a drop in routine pediatric vaccination levels from 64.5% a year ago to 59.2%, a five-point drop. The rates were “negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic among other factors,” as the report blandly puts it.
In fact, they were crushed, in good part because city, state and federal officials lied again and again to the public about the efficacy of numerous COVID interventions including masking, social distancing, school closures and vaccines.
This completely wrecked their credibility on medical issues in general — and vaccines in particular.
For the record: Vaccines greatly reduce your chances of getting COVID, and of having a severe case if you still do; they don’t stop you from spreading it. (And the natural immunity from having had COVID is better than immunity from a jab.)
Closing schools seemed sensible in the earliest days of 2020, but the data soon proved that young kids basically never get the bug. Most masks do nothing to reduce transmission, nor does six feet of social distancing. And making toddlers mask in school risks major developmental harm. --->READ MORE HERE
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