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Founder James O’Keefe Claims Project Veritas Ouster Linked to Pfizer Sting in Farewell to Staff; I Lost My Job for Opposing COVID School Closings — I Was Right, But Dems Won’t Apologize, and other C-Virus related stories

Founder James O’Keefe Claims Project Veritas Ouster Linked to Pfizer Sting in Farewell to Staff:
James O’Keefe, the guerilla filmmaker known for exposing left-wing politicians and institutions, is out at Project Veritas, the conservative media company he founded more than a decade ago.
In a 45-minute video, which appears to have been filmed Monday at Project Veritas’s office, O’Keefe announced that he was “packing up my personal belongings” after he had been indefinitely suspended from his role as CEO and removed from the group’s board of directors.
O’Keefe, who appeared to be talking to gathered Project Veritas staffers, said the video, which was published anonymously on the streaming platform Vimeo, was “just for us,” and was being recorded “for internal distribution,” though he seemed to want the footage released widely.
“None of this makes any sense, and why is this happening right now?” O’Keefe said. “Those are the questions I have. I don’t have answers.”
While he may be out at Project Veritas, O’Keefe said he intends to continue with his work, and suggested he may start a rival watchdog organization and poach talent from Veritas.
“So, our mission continues on. I’m not done” he said. “The mission will perhaps take on a new name, and it may no longer be called Veritas, Project Veritas. I will need a bunch of people around me, and I’ll make sure you know how to find me.” --->READ MORE HERE
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I lost my job for opposing COVID school closings — I was right, but Dems won’t apologize:
In January 2022, Jennifer Sey was pushed out of her job as Levi’s global brand president because she advocated for opening public school playgrounds and unmasking toddlers. Woke employees complained, and despite 23 years of loyal service, Levi’s CEO Chip Bergh told her there wasn’t a place for her at the company. Here, Sey reflects on the scandal.
It’s been a year since my story of my cancellation went viral, and I think I know why: hypocrisy.
Levi’s is known as an all-American brand rooted in rugged individualism. A successful ad campaign that I created as the chief marketing officer exhorted our fans to “use their voices.” The idea that I could not use mine in defense of children conflicted with all the brand claimed to stand for.
I kept my advocacy focused on children. I was for open public schools and playgrounds, for youth sports, against masks on toddlers and against vaccine mandates for students. I thought that we could all agree that it was not a good idea to harm children. I thought that in a world where lefties claim to fight for equality, we could agree that rich white people sending their kids to in-person private schools while low-income black and brown kids were denied schooling for a year and a half was discriminatory, racist and unacceptable.
I assumed that the white liberals posting black squares on Instagram weren’t raging hypocrites. I was wrong.
I was viciously censored, bullied and interrogated by my colleagues for going against the mainstream press narrative and Democratic Party dogma. The woke mob brooked no dissent. --->READ MORE HERE
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