Thursday, February 2, 2023

Eric Adams, in Shift, Says NYC’s ‘right to shelter’ Policy Doesn’t Apply to Migrants; This Migrant Mess is Ruining NYC’s Midtown

Matthew McDermott
Eric Adams, in shift, says NYC’s ‘right to shelter’ policy doesn’t apply to migrants:
New York City’s “right to shelter” policy does not apply to the tens of thousands of asylum seekers who have sought sanctuary in the boroughs since last spring, Mayor Eric Adams said this week.
The Democrat’s comments on WABC radio’s “Sid & Friends in the Morning” came as officials struggled to accommodate the inundation of migrants in the sanctuary city and implored federal officials to pick up the tab, which Adams has estimated at up to $2 billion.
“The court ruled that this is a sanctuary city,” he told host Sid Rosenberg. “We have a moral and legal obligation to fulfill that. We don’t believe asylum seekers fall into the whole ‘right to shelter’ conversation.
“There’s no more room at the inn, and the reason there’s no more room at the inn is because the federal government is not doing their job,” said Adams, who visited El Paso, Texas, earlier this month to get a firsthand look at the national crisis that is spilling into the city. --->READ MORE HERE
This migrant mess is ruining NYC’s Midtown:
Why is Mayor Eric Adams destroying Midtown? The pulsing heart of the city, the theater, restaurant and tourism district, has not fully recovered from the COVID lockdown yet is already full of homeless hotels with their associated problems.
Now the mayor has announced he’s going to turn yet another ­hotel into a shelter for illegal migrants in the middle of the Theater District.
The Paramount Hotel, a 600-room, Renaissance-style gem opposite the Richard Rodgers Theatre where “Hamilton” has been playing since 2015, is the fifth Midtown hotel converted to an “emergency” shelter in as many months. Earlier this month, tourists were paying $330 a night to stay there and prices hit as high as $1,000 around New Year’s Eve.
The Paramount is around the corner from the $400-a-night Italianate Row Hotel on Eighth Avenue, whose 1,300 rooms were handed over to illegals late last year.
Where are the tourists supposed to stay, the ones who actually spend the money the city needs to pay for all the social services ­Adams likes to splash around?
It’s no kind of life for a family to be living in a hotel room in the middle of Midtown anyway, and Adams doesn’t appear to have any solutions apart from mildly complaining that he’s not getting enough money from the federal government. He estimates the Big Apple will need $2 billion extra and it could bankrupt New York City. --->READ MORE HERE
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