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Cochise Sheriff Comes to ‘share the reality’ of Border in House Testimony; Border Sheriff: Illegal Aliens Admit They’re Coming to U.S. ‘Because of Biden’; Mayorkas, Harris Claim that 'border is secure' is Not True, Arizona Sheriff Says; ‘Worst Shape I’ve Ever Seen It’

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Cochise sheriff comes to ‘share the reality’ of border in House testimony:
Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels told a sharply divided House committee Wednesday that drug trafficking and illegal immigration is getting worse and that it’s affecting the safety of residents in his border county.
Dannels cited rising seizures of fentanyl, growing numbers of traffickers and increasing – and more dangerous – encounters with smugglers paid to transport migrants inland from the border, all problems that he laid at the feet of the Biden administration.
“I’ve personally experienced the good, the bad and the ugly of being a border county,” he said in testimony to the House Judiciary Committee. “Currently, this is the ugliest I’ve experienced.”
Dannels’ testimony was part of the committee’s first hearing since Republicans took control of the House, and much of the daylong hearing on “Biden’s border crisis” was dedicated to sniping between Democratic and GOP members of the committee.
“Under President Trump the border was secure. Under President Biden there is no border,” said Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, the new committee chairman. “And Americans are paying the price.”
But Democrats accused Republicans of pushing an inaccurate narrative about the border that demonizes immigrants, including those seeking asylum. They said Republicans do not want to address the real problem, the need for comprehensive immigration reform. ---> MORE HERE
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Border Sheriff: Illegal Aliens Admit They’re Coming to U.S. ‘Because of Biden’:
Illegal aliens arriving at the United States-Mexico border are openly admitting that they are coming to the U.S. “because of President Biden,” whom they see as welcoming them into the country, Cochise County, Arizona, Sheriff Mark Dannels says.
During a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Wednesday, Dannels testified that illegal aliens actually tell his officers why they are coming to the U.S. Biden, Dannels said, is overwhelmingly their answer. Dannels said:
The majority of people — we have an interdiction team that goes out daily — yesterday, they were out for their shift and had 15 smuggling events … the majority of people we talk to, the majority of migrants that have been smuggled, which I call modern-day slavery what they’re doing to these people, they tell us the reason they’re here is because of President Biden and [give] a welcoming sign.
The record-breaking illegal immigration levels seen by Dannel’s small border community are compounded by Biden’s insistence to hugely expand the administration’s Catch and Release network that has helped get nearly two million border crossers released into the U.S. interior since February 2021. --->READ MORE HERE
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