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Biden’s State of the Union Vows 2 More Years of Misery: If You Liked 2021 and 2022, Worse is Coming; Biden’s State of Union Proves He’ll Keep Playing Us for Suckers

Biden’s State of the Union Vows 2 More Years of Misery:
If you liked 2021 and 2022, worse is coming.
While millions of Americans, for the first time since the Great Depression, cannot afford to buy eggs, Biden boasted about his economic successes to applause from special interests and jeers from those representatives standing up for the beleaguered people of the nation.
The Great Depression ended three years before Biden’s birth, but he’s trying to bring it back.
Under Biden, the price of everything from bread to gasoline to eggs to homes has soared out of reach. No wonder that polls show even the majority of Democrats don’t want him to run again.
Over 150 million Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, even those with a decent salary, because inflation is outrunning wage growth, making paychecks and savings worthless.
62% of Americans don’t think Biden has done very much as president. Only 18% think that his policies have made life better for their families. In response to numbers like that, Joe Biden spent the State of the Union screaming, whispering and mumbling a stream of lies.
Once again, Biden falsely claimed to have created record jobs and record unemployment rates by virtue of not imposing more lockdowns, when there are actually millions fewer workers in the workforce in his miserable economy. He claimed to have brought gas prices down, when they’re actually higher than they were when he took office. From there he blamed forest fires on global warming, lied about the tax system, insulin costs, the deficit, the debt limit and everything else.
But in the most shameless moment of the State of the Union, Biden falsely accused Republicans of wanting to eliminate Social Security and Medicare when he was the one who had spent much of his career working to cut Medicare and Social Security. It was Obama who had pledged to spend “some political capital” to make the “very difficult choices and issues of sacrifice and responsibility and duty”.and tasked Biden with helping make those cuts.
In 2007, Biden told Meet the Press that “Medicare, that is the gorilla in the room, and you’ve got to put all of it on the table.” “We need to do something about Social Security and Medicare. That’s the only way you can find room to pay for it,” Biden had said as recently as 2018.
Not only did Biden lie, but he accused House Republicans of his own sins.
Trump has said that, “Biden tried to cut Social Security and Medicare”. Bernie Sanders accused Biden of saying “on many occasions we should cut Social Security.” All of that is forgotten. --->READ the rest from Daniel Greenfield HERE
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Biden’s State of Union proves he’ll keep playing us for suckers:
Watching President Joe Biden’s State of the Union speech was like being cornered by a drunken lout who endlessly yanks on your shirt sleeve and babbles about all the favors he’s going to do for you.
Biden told so many howlers that he eventually got heckled like a bumbling comic at open mic night. He flavored his bunkum by sporadically screaming at his audience like an old man telling kids to get off his lawn.
But Biden’s fixes for America will be ruinous if they are enacted.
Ahead of the speech, Capitol Hill was again surrounded by an 8-foot-high black metal fence. This was the third year in a row Congress was barricaded off from the American people for a Biden appearance. Is this the new “window dressing” to ensure common folk never approach the “Temple of Democracy” when sacred rites are occurring?
The president summoned Republicans to support his “Unity Agenda.” But the secret code name for the agenda is “Surrender, Dorothy!” That was the phrase the Wicked Witch of the West painted with her broomstick in the sky in “The Wizard of Oz.” Biden is inviting Republicans to submit after he denounced them as “semi-fascists” and enemies of democracy. He repeated his smear linking Jan. 6 to the October attack on Paul Pelosi — even though it’s known that Pelosi’s alleged attacker was a deranged drug addict unconnected to Republicans.
State of the Union speeches often resemble old-time medicine side shows, with presidents huffing and puffing to restore faith in the government. The goal is to make people believe that the next $5 trillion politicians spend will make everyone’s lives better — unlike the failed programs that ran up a $31 trillion national debt. --->READ MORE HERE
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