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Biden Tells Press ‘give me a break,’ Stomps Off When Pressed on Family’s China Business; Secret China Donations to University of Delaware Soared After the Opening of the Biden Institute, and related stories

Biden tells press ‘give me a break,’ stomps off when pressed on family’s China business:
President Biden stormed out of a press availability Thursday afternoon when asked if his ability to deal with China was “compromised” by his family’s business relationships — complaining journalists were not being “polite” and telling them to “give me a break” before walking away.
Republicans say Biden can’t properly confront China on issues ranging from fentanyl and COVID-19 origins to the surveillance balloon that traversed US airspace this month because of his family’s financial links to Chinese state entities.
“Is your ability to deal with China compromised by your family’s business relationships in China, President Biden?” a reporter for The Post asked following a seven-minute address on the Chinese balloon and the subsequent shoot-down of three yet-to-be-identified objects.
At least four other reporters shouted questions at the president, who had not faced the press for nearly six days, but Biden chose to answer only The Post’s query.
“Give me a break, man,” Biden said, with a dismissive laugh.
Two American TV journalists and reporters for Polish and Japanese outlets proceeded to pepper Biden with a cacophony of competing questions, with The Post belatedly adding, “Does your son still co-own a company with Chinese government entities?”
Biden said, with an apparent disdainful hand gesture toward The Post’s reporter: “You can come to my office and ask a question when you have more polite people with you.”
It’s common practice for reporters to loudly shout competing questions at the president, but journalists standing near NBC News’ Peter Alexander, who was about 25 feet from The Post, said it appeared Biden was trying to call on him.
Biden granted an exclusive interview to Alexander moments after the chaotic end of the event. --->READ MORE HERE
Facebook/Biden Institute, University of Delaware; Nicolas Asfouri/Getty Images
Secret China Donations to University of Delaware Soared After the Opening of the Biden Institute:
A second university has been found to have received more than $6.7 million in anonymous donations from China, including direct funding from the Chinese government, after Joe Biden set up a program there in his name, according to a Government Accountability Institute analysis. The revelation comes following reporting that anonymous China-linked funds flowing to the University of Pennsylvania almost tripled after the inauguration of the Penn-Biden Center, which illegally housed classified documents.
On March 13, 2017, less than seven weeks after concluding his second term as vice president, Joe Biden announced the founding of the Biden Institute at his home state’s University of Delaware (UD). According to the announcement, part of Biden’s “vision for the institute is an annual conference at UD, similar to the World Economic Forum or the Aspen Institute.”
At the time of Biden’s announcement at UD, multiple members of the Biden family were working on deals worth millions of dollars with foreign businessmen linked to the highest levels of Chinese intelligence. And Biden’s other university program at the University of Pennsylvania was apparently housing classified documents from the Obama-Biden administration in an improper way.
Prior to hosting the Biden Institute, UD had never disclosed any funding from China. One year later (and just two months after the Penn Biden center opened its D.C. office), anonymous donations from China to UD skyrocketed. The first payment came in April 2018 in the amount of $3,204,070 from an anonymous donor in China. In December 2018, another anonymous donation from China arrived for $1,869,515. A third anonymous China-linked payment, for $624,904, arrived in December 2019.
In 2020, the year that Biden was campaigning for president, anonymous Chinese state-linked entities sent three more payments totaling $1,005,761 to UD, the bulk of which arrived after Biden had been declared the president-elect. --->READ MORE HERE
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