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Authoritarian Powers Granted During COVID-19 Pandemic Difficult to Claw Back; Our Lawsuit Uncovers More Shocking Evidence Team Biden Used Big Tech to Censor, and other C-Virus related stories

Illustration by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times
Authoritarian powers granted during COVID-19 pandemic difficult to claw back
Some things are hard to give up.
Take the extra-constitutional powers governments have exerted because of COVID-19. Officials in otherwise self-governing republics got a zesty taste of what it would be like to operate under an authoritarian regime.
As the Wuhan virus morphs into multiple variations that appear to be less dangerous than the original strain, some authorities don’t want to let go of vaccine or mask mandates. Authority, once granted, can be difficult to claw back.
For instance, why is the Biden administration extending the vaccination mandate on anyone flying into the United States? It can’t really be about protecting us from infectious visitors. Not while millions of unvaccinated illegal aliens are pouring in over the southern border, with more on the way.
And now that we know much more about the COVID-19 shots, can we please stop punishing our soldiers, sailors and airmen who were kicked out without pay for declining to submit to them?
The Biden administration, which concocted the military vaccine mandate, finally ended it on Jan. 10. It had been a condition of service since Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin imposed it in August 2021.
The policy might have made sense at a time when we knew less about COVID-19 and the limits of vaccine effectiveness. Service members are routinely required to get a raft of inoculations. But it made no sense after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention acknowledged that the shots, which were approved without longitudinal studies, don’t prevent either infection or transmission. --->READ MORE HERE
Our lawsuit uncovers more shocking evidence Team Biden used Big Tech to censor:
The First Amendment is the bedrock of American liberty. Our citizens have the right, if not civic duty, to engage in open, dynamic discourse, and no government has the right to limit, suppress, censor or otherwise control it.
Yet as we dig deeper into discovery in our Big Tech censorship case — Missouri and Louisiana v. Biden — we uncover ever more truly appalling abuses of power that President Biden’s director of digital strategy, Rob Flaherty, admitted come from “the highest (and I mean highest) levels of the” White House.
Such evidence proves the Biden administration is leveraging its power to coerce social media companies to suppress the speech of thousands, if not millions, of Americans who disagree with its political narratives.
Naturally, the First Amendment prohibits censorship. Yet the Biden team has worked to circumvent this fundamental constitutional protection by inducing, threatening and colluding with private companies to suppress speech. It’s illegal — but when Big Government enters into such a conspiracy with Big Business to violate your rights, it’s also known by another name: fascism.
While that word may conjure up images of World War II, we must remember the horrors of that conflict’s end have blinded us to the subtlety of the start. And who needs to burn books when you have algorithms?
Either way, totalitarianism cannot tolerate free thought or speech any more than a petulant Flaherty can tolerate a tech company showing even a moment’s hesitation at fulfilling Biden’s demands for increased censorship. --->READ MORE HERE
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