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2023 Can Be the year Ukraine Wins Against Russia: Here’s What to Watch; Russian Stormtroopers Tried to Break Through to Bakmut, Suffered Losses and Retreated; Russian Military Base Near Melitopol Destroyed; Ukrainian Forces Repel Attacks Near 10 Settlements, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

NY POST: 2023 can be the year Ukraine wins against Russia: Here’s what to watch
Vladimir Putin’s three-day war against Ukraine is entering its second year. One thing is certain, 2023 will not be a year of peace. Those calling for negotiations between the two countries are wasting their breath. Neither side is ready for talks, and both sides still think they can win. Right now, Ukraine has momentum after two successful counterattacks late last year in Kharkiv and Kherson, but Russia is finalizing a large-scale mobilization of fresh troops.
As Russia digs deep into its stockpiles of older military hardware, it gets weaker. As Ukraine receives more advanced military hardware from the West, it gets stronger. The big question is whether Western military support for Ukraine is too-little-too-late or just in time to make 2023 a year of victory.
Russia is in the final stages of planning a major offensive operation to regain momentum. There is no doubt Ukraine has a few surprises up its sleeve too.
In the coming months, there are three places to watch:
The first is the Donbas region in eastern Ukraine. Russia wants to take the areas of Donetsk and Luhansk provinces that remain out of its control. But the Ukrainians are not giving up without a fight. For months, intensive fighting has taken place around a small city called Bakhmut. After months of daily assaults and high casualties, the Ukrainians still hold the town. The situation remains perilous near Bakhmut. --->READ MORE HERE
Russian stormtroopers tried to break through to Bakmut, suffered losses and retreated:
On 2 February, Russian stormtroopers tried to break through the defence line of a Ukrainian border unit on the outskirts of Bakhmut; they suffered losses and retreated.
Source: press service of the State Border Guard Service
Details: The State Border Guard Service reports that the occupiers were planning to get into a building and gain a foothold there. At the beginning of the battle, superior Russian forces breached the defence line and tried to establish the positions of Ukrainian units with a drone. The drone was located by the border guards and shot down.
The defenders carried out a manoeuvre and called on fire support. Mortar shelling has decreased the numerical superiority of the Russian forces. In order to defend themselves, occupying land forces separated and dispersed through nearby buildings.
The State Border Guard Service emphasises that they had to use "grenades, rifle fire and group weaponry" in order to knock out the Russians out of the buildings. In close combat, Ukrainian forces have located the breach and driven Russian soldiers out.
Russian stormtroopers were forced to retreat. They lost 9 soldiers, 20 more were injured. --->READ MORE HERE
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