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Ukraine: ‘Fast-track’ Talks Underway for Missiles, Planes; Ukraine in Talks with Allies about Getting Long-Range Missiles; Ukrainian Military Repels 13 RU Assaults in Donetsk, Luhansk oblasts; Ukraine's Ambassador to France: Western Countries to Deliver 321 Tanks to Ukraine, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

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Ukraine: ‘Fast-track’ Talks Underway for Missiles, Planes:
Ukraine and its Western allies are engaged in “fast-track” talks on the possibility of equipping the invaded country with long-range missiles and military aircraft, a top Ukrainian presidential aide said Saturday.
Mykhailo Podolyak, an adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, said Ukraine’s supporters in the West “understand how the war is developing” and the need to supply planes capable of providing cover for the armored fighting vehicles that the United States and Germany pledged at the beginning of the month.
However, in remarks to online video channel Freedom, Podolyak said that some of Ukraine’s Western partners maintain a “conservative” attitude to arms deliveries, “due to fear of changes in the international architecture.” Russia and North Korea have accused the West of prolonging and taking a direct role in the war by sending Kyiv increasingly sophisticated weapons.
“We need to work with this. We must show (our partners) the real picture of this war,” Podolyak said, without naming specific countries. “We must speak reasonably and tell them, for example, ‘This and this will reduce fatalities, this will reduce the burden on infrastructure. This will reduce security threats to the European continent, this will keep the war localized.’ And we are doing it.”
The U.S. and Germany agreed Wednesday to share advanced tanks with Ukraine along with the Bradley and Marder vehicles promised earlier, a decision that led to criticism not only from the Kremlin but from the prime minister of NATO and European Union member Hungary.
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban asserted Friday that Western countries providing weapons and money to assist Ukraine in its war with Russia have “drifted” into becoming active participants in the conflict. Orban has refused to send weapons to neighboring Ukraine and sought to block EU funds earmarked for military aid.
The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said it would summon Hungary’s ambassador to complain about Orban’s remarks. A ministry spokesperson, Oleg Nikolenko, said Orban told reporters that Ukraine was “a no-man’s land” and compared it to Afghanistan. --->READ MORE HERE
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Ukraine in talks with allies about getting long-range missiles:
Expedited talks are under way among Kyiv and its allies about Ukraine's requests for long-range missiles that it says are needed to prevent Russia from destroying Ukrainian cities, a top aide to President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said on Saturday.
Ukraine has won promises of Western battle tanks and is seeking fighter jets to push back against Russian and pro-Moscow forces, which are slowly advancing along part of the front line.
"To drastically reduce the Russian army's key weapon - the artillery they use today on the front lines - we need missiles that will destroy their depots," presidential adviser Mykhailo Podolyak told Ukraine's Freedom television network. He said on the Russian-occupied Crimean Peninsula there were more than 100 artillery warehouses.
"Therefore, firstly, negotiations are already under way. Secondly, negotiations are proceeding at an accelerated pace," he said without giving details.
Zelenskiy, speaking separately, said Ukraine wanted to preempt Russian attacks on Ukrainian urban areas and civilians.
"Ukraine needs long-range missiles ... to deprive the occupier of the opportunity to place its missile launchers somewhere far from the front line and destroy Ukrainian cities," he said in an evening video address. --->READ MORE HERE
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