Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Texas Taco Hero Shooter to Face a Soros Funded Commie DA; Customer Who Shot Dead Robber in Texas Taco Restaurant Could Face Charges

AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews
Texas Taco Hero Shooter to Face a Soros Funded Commie DA:
A video is making the rounds of a citizen blasting an armed robber at a taco joint in Houston.
In the clip, the thug pulls out a gun and demands money from the restaurant patrons. He seems to forget he’s in Texas, where the Second Amendment still means something.
A restaurant customer throws money on the floor for the bandit. The thug turns his back on the good guy with a gun, who then ventilates the armed robber, firing eight times.
The good guy then picks up the bad guy’s gun and promptly shoots him again. Then he invites the patrons to reclaim their money.
A longer video shows the good guy throwing the bad guy’s gat against a wall when he realizes it’s just a plastic BB gun.
The bad guy, Eric Washington, was out on bond when he committed the armed robbery. He has a history of crime and even drew a 15-year sentence for his involvement in the murder of a 62-year-old cell phone store owner. He got out after just six years.
Washington died at the scene from a serious case of lead poisoning. --->READ MORE HERE
Customer who shot dead robber in Texas taco restaurant could face charges:
Police in Texas are questioning a vigilante diner who fatally shot an armed robber at a taco restaurant in Houston.
Murder detectives have referred the incident to a grand jury, but the 46-year-old man who shot the robber nine times has not been arrested or charged with any crimes.
In an extraordinary scene caught on CCTV, 30-year-old Eric Eugene Washington entered the Ranchito #4 Taqueria in south west Houston late last Thursday wearing all black clothing, including a ski mask and gloves.
He brandished a handgun at the customers, demanding they hand over their money. Some dived under the tables in fear and threw dollar bills in his direction.
But when the armed intruder’s back was turned, a 46-year-old diner pulled out his own handgun and started firing at the assailant.
Audio from CCTV indicates that nine shots were fired at Washington, including some which hit him in the back and head. --->READ MORE HERE
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