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SH**HOLE NEWS: New York Gov Frees 11-Year-Old Boy’s Killer: Over 3 Million People in New York Voted for This; Gov. Kathy Hochul Blasted Over Clemency in 1993 Murder of 11-Year-Old NYC Boy

New York Gov Frees 11-Year-Old Boy’s Killer:
Over 3 million people in New York voted for this
On a cold October day in ’93, an 11-year-old boy brought a piece of birthday cake to his mother.
The Queens neighborhood, less than two miles from former President Trump’s childhood home, had seen better days. Giuliani was still a year away from taking office and under Mayor Dinkins, a racist pro-crime hack, New York City had hit lows that it would not see again until the return of Dinkin’s pro-crime protege, Bill de Blasio.
As Travis Lilley headed off with cake from a birthday party downstairs to the New Look Beauty Salon where his mother was working, the street was overrun with drug dealers fighting turf wars. New York Boulevard, renamed Guy R. Brewer Boulevard, after one of the first black politicians in the borough because it was where Brewer opened the Democratic Club that still bears his name, with its fast food joints, auto repair shops and beauty salons, was dangerous.
The beauty parlor that Travis’ grandmother owned was on an intersection favored by drug dealers. Local business owners had complained to the Dinkins administration with no results.
Travis, who would forever remain eleven on that day, went downstairs to the beauty parlor that his grandmother owned. Drug dealers opened fire. The bullets, the prosecutor would later describe, “tore away the back of Travis Lilley’s head.”
Travis died in his grandfather’s arms surrounded by broken glass.
“It was his only grandchild — the baby died in his arms,” a neighbor said.
What happened on October 30, 1993 was an evil act. But it was the ordinary kind of evil that men have done throughout human history. What happened next was the extraordinary kind of evil that defines societies.
The pro-crime Left fell in love with the man convicted in the 11-year-old boy’s death. --->READ MORE HERE
Sean Sanders
Gov. Kathy Hochul blasted over clemency in 1993 murder of 11-year-old NYC boy:
The convicted killer of an 11-year-old Queens boy was granted clemency by Gov. Kathy Hochul and could get sprung from prison within weeks — sparking outrage from elected officials and law-enforcement sources familiar with the heartbreaking case.
In announcing her Wednesday decision to commute Bruce Bryant’s 37-1/2 years-to-life sentence — making him immediately eligible for parole — Hochul cited the college degrees he earned during his nearly 30 years behind bars, as well as his charitable work and efforts to establish a mentoring program to prevent youth violence.
But Assemblyman Jarrett Gandolfo (R-Bayport) said none of that outweighed the tragic slaying of Travis Lilley, who was struck in the back of his head by a stray bullet fired into his grandmother’s beauty parlor on Oct. 30, 1993.
“It’s commendable that Mr. Bryant has taken steps to better himself, but nothing can change the fact that he was convicted of murdering an 11 year-old child,” Gandolfo told The Post.
“As a father, I can’t view this commutation as any form of justice. Definitely not justice for Travis Lilley or his family.”
Assemblyman Kieran Michael Lalor (R-East Fishkill) also said, “I’m a father of four. I can’t even imagine the pain the victim’s family felt and no doubt still feels.”
“Bryant shouldn’t be granted clemency. It is great that he has used his time in prison in a positive way. But that doesn’t negate the crime and shouldn’t get him out of jail earlier than his sentence allows,” he added.
A furious law enforcement source seethed to The Post, “The judge said there was nothing redeemable and gave him 37-1/2 years. Why is he going to the head of the line of convicted killers?” --->READ MORE HERE
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