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Our Woke Culture’s Glamorization Of Obesity; Dying For Clicks: The Gluttonous Social Media Stars Who've Become Filthy Rich by Binge-Eating in Front of Millions of Followers on Camera... at Deadly Cost of Becoming Obese

Illustration by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times
Our woke culture’s glamorization of obesity:
Can we just go back to fat-shaming?
In 1992, a popular Calvin Klein advertisement featured svelte supermodel Kate Moss, only in her Calvins, with her long, dirty-blond hair cascading down her back. She was embracing a fit, toned Mark Wahlberg, who stared into the camera with smoldering machismo.
Fast-forward to 2022, and the same brand’s advertisement highlights two obese, homely, androgynous models (one of which we presume is a man, but it’s unclear, since he’s wearing a bra) devoid of any sexuality or signs of good health.
What has happened to our society in 30 years, where the definition of beauty has morphed into a celebration of unappealing corpulence?
Many will say brand advertisers and retailers like Target and Nike, which now display plus-sized mannequins in their stores, are just trying to reflect their customer base. Strikingly, over the last three decades, obesity in the U.S. has increased by 70% for adults and by 85% over the same time period for children, according to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey.
And rather than trying to address the problem, discussing it has become a cultural taboo. Overweight stars like Lizzo prance around in spandex leotards, preaching the gospel of “body positivity.” Lizzo has made it a point to only hire “big girls” for her shows. Television programs like TLC’s “1,000-Lb. Sisters” normalize the grotesquely fat. News programs continually speak on the need for more inclusivity, acceptance and self-love for the obese. Both Cosmopolitan and Vogue have featured size-24 model Callie Thorpe on their pages, with Cosmo granting her cover status and declaring, “This is Healthy!”
No, it’s not. --->READ MORE HERE
Dying for clicks: The gluttonous social media stars who've become filthy rich by binge-eating in front of millions of followers on camera... at deadly cost of becoming obese:
The camera opens on a square table laden with McDonald’s items. Fries, chicken nuggets, and burgers fill the screen in what can only be described as a smorgasbord of fast food.
A larger-than-life host appears wearing a breathing tube meant to aid in poor sleep - a sign of drastic weight gain - before gorging himself for over 40 emotionally-turbulent minutes, in which he has a breakdown about surpassing 400lbs and pins his anxiety on the amount of fried chicken that he eats.
Nicholas Perry - better known as Nikocado Avocado to his 3.5millon YouTube followers - is an internet sensation from Pennsylvania who has become a multi-millionaire by filming himself binge-eating ungodly amounts of food and documenting his weight-gain journey.
Mr Perry, 30, has come a long way since his first video disavowing veganism in 2016, when he appeared youthful, svelte and jovial. Fast forward seven years - and 150lbs later - he is a very different person.
Mr Perry, who started out a devout vegan, has grown increasingly extreme and eccentric over his career as an internet personality.
While he began filming himself consuming hefty portions of ramen or a stack of pancakes at IHOP in 2017, he now often eats in excess of 10,000 calories in front of the camera in videos with such titles as 'I hate myself, Goodbye YouTube & life' and 'Celebrating Our 700 Pound Milestone.' --->READ MORE HERE
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