Saturday, January 14, 2023

Newly Arrived Migrants Linked to Crimes in El Paso Including Drugs, Theft and Gun Threats; El Paso Cops Arrest 2 Migrants in Overwhelmed Border City

Newly arrived migrants linked to crimes in El Paso including drugs, theft and gun threats:
Migrants in El Paso, Texas — the current epicenter of the border crisis — have been linked to serious and violent crimes including car theft, gun threats and drug trafficking, according to local police.
The latest incident involved a Venezuelan migrant who was attempting to sell cocaine to other border crossers Sunday, according to El Paso Police Department. The alleged dealer, Yovani Jose Sanchez, was turned in by other migrants who are camped out and sleeping near the city’s Sacred Heart Church.
The 22-year-old was booked into the county jail, while four other migrants accused of being associated with his business were turned over to US Border Patrol.
Separately, a Venezuelan man and woman were arrested by officers Wednesday when they were driving the wrong way down a street in a stolen car, the cops said.
The migrants, who have been sleeping on downtown streets in the cold since the week before Christmas, have also been victims. A man named Steven Mathew Driscoll was arrested and charged for harassing and pointing a gun at the migrant street camp, the department said. The 27-year-old Texas man was also charged for evading officers who tried to stop him. --->READ MORE HERE
El Paso cops arrest 2 migrants in overwhelmed border city
Two migrants were arrested in El Paso in the final days of 2022 as thousands of asylum seekers — and illegal migrants unwilling to wait for the expiration of Title 42 — continued to overwhelm the border city.
On Friday, a man was tackled by cops and arrested outside of the Sacred Heart Catholic Church after he ran from an El Paso police officer questioning him, according to the Texas Department of Public Safety.
El Paso police didn’t clarify why the suspect was questioned — or if he was in the country legally. The church had been providing shelter to asylum seekers expelled under the continuing health emergency measure — and who entered illegally after the Supreme Court halted its expiration.
A day earlier, a migrant was busted for trying to charge fellow asylum seekers to enter a free warming bus set up by the city after shelters reached capacity, state officials said. --->READ MORE HERE
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