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New Emails Show Hochul’s COVID Test Pay-to-Play Still Stinks to High Heaven; Hochul Met With Campaign Donor Weeks Before $338M Contract for COVID Tests, and other C-Virus related stories

New emails show Hochul’s COVID test pay-to-play still stinks to high heaven:
Gov. Kathy’s Hochul’s rancid COVID-test pay-to-play just keeps getting uglier. Emails have emerged suggesting that Charlie Tebele — who scored a total of $637 million in no-bid contracts to provide New York with tests and whose family ultimately gave some $300,000 to Hochul’s election war chest — was in communication with Hochul on COVID tests weeks before he scored his sweet deal.
Tebele would have us believe that he and the gov only discussed “community matters” at the fundraising bash the man threw her, but he seemingly included “Covid tests” among the topics he had been “asked to reach out” about on a “follow up” email.ature
In those emails, Tebele specifically offers his services as a test provider — and bingo, days later he has his massive $338 million payout with zero comptroller oversight, thanks to a special provision of Hochul’s endlessly extended COVID emergency order.
A month later, he got a re-up worth $299 million. --->READ MORE HERE
Matthew McDermott
Hochul met with campaign donor weeks before $338M contract for COVID tests:
Gov. Hochul talked “community matters” with a high-powered campaign donor weeks before he got a $338 million contract to provide rapid tests as part of an alleged pay-to-play scheme as she ran for a full term of office.
Charlie Tebele, who leads New Jersey-based Digital Gadgets, wrote an email to Hochul policy director Micah Lasher on Dec. 16, 2021 in which he alluded to speaking with Hochul at a fundraiser he hosted for her campaign weeks earlier, the Buffalo News reported Monday.
“We had a conversation with the Governor regarding some community matters when we had her in for a meeting,” Tebele wrote,” and I was asked to reach out to you for follow up.”
Among the topics Tebele listed were “Covid tests — we have a community company that has available supply.” Hours later, he followed up with an email to Lasher headed: “URGENT ADDED INFO.”
“I read that the governor wants to be able to mail instant Covid tests to peoples [sic] homes,” Tebele wrote. “My company has the Covid tests in stock and can work with the State to ship them individually to peoples [sic] home- the same day we receive the order.” --->READ MORE HERE
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