Thursday, January 26, 2023

End the Persecution of Unvaccinated New Yorkers, Like Me; NYC’s Workforce has Shrunk by 300,000 Since Start of Pandemic, and other C-Virus related stories

End the persecution of unvaccinated New Yorkers, like me:
You wouldn’t know it from the lack of headlines, but COVID-vaccine mandates were struck down in court again last week, this time for New York state health workers. The common-sense decision was based on the well-established fact that the vaccines don’t stop infection or transmission. But does anyone even care about facts, here in the land of COVID-emergency-forever?
It’s little wonder “gaslighting” was Merriam-Webster’s 2022 word of the year. In New York City, gaslighting is the modus operandi of elected officials who proudly raise a fist for social justice but continue to deny citizens the most basic human rights when it comes to vaccines.
Unlike almost anywhere else in the country, unvaccinated parents here are still denied entry to their children’s public schools, and unvaccinated 2020 heroes are still fired, prohibited from working as educators, health-care workers, firefighters or any of the other essential jobs they fulfilled during the height of the pandemic.
This scandalous injustice persists despite a state-court ruling in October that also declared the city’s vaccine mandates arbitrary and capricious. The ruling cited CDC guidelines and the state Constitution, which says: “No person shall be denied the equal protection of the laws of this state or any subdivision thereof.” Mayor Eric Adams filed an appeal the very next day. --->READ MORE HERE
NYC’s workforce has shrunk by 300,000 since start of pandemic:
The Big Apple added jobs at an agonizingly slow pace last month as it struggles to cope with a roughly 300,000-person drop in its workforce since the pandemic, troubling new data reveals
The city’s recent unemployment rate also hit around 6% — close to double the national level — with minorities overwhelmingly suffering the most, according to a study just released by The New School.
“Race and ethnicity have factored heavily in the pandemic’s divergent economic fates, with Black and Latinx unemployment rates twice or more those of white workers,’’ the researchers wrote — noting the pandemic’s “lopsided economic impact on New York workers who can least afford it."
The latest employment figures show the city did gain 13,500 jobs for December. But the number still leaves Gotham about 12% short of matching its pre-pandemic level, according to an analysis by The City.
The depressing economic indicators only seem to reinforce warnings by Big Apple and state officials that the local workforce won’t completely regain its pre-pandemic strength for several more years.
“New York City got hit early, got hit the hardest, we had some of the strictest COVID mandates, and because we’re so reliant on office workers, tourists and people who are transient workers, we had additional struggles,’’ Andrew Rigie, head of the New York City Hospitality Alliance, told The Post on Friday. --->READ MORE HERE
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