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Elite Undercover Texas Agents Disguise Themselves as Migrants to Apprehend Smugglers; Texas DPS Border Raid Captures Human Smugglers, Illegal Migrants in ‘stash house’; Texas National Guard Busting Human Smuggling Operations in El Paso by Targeting Waypoint Near Border

Elite undercover Texas agents disguise themselves as migrants to apprehend smugglers We
aring baggy blue jeans and hoodies and looking scruffy and unkempt, the state’s elite undercover squad could easily be mistaken for the bedraggled smugglers they are trying to apprehend, or the migrants pouring over the southern border from Mexico.
These specially trained members of the Criminal Investigation Division of the Texas Department of Public Safety have perhaps the most dangerous job on the border, acting as double agents and facing certain death if their cover is blown.
Their mission is to blend in with the migrant hordes, identify and apprehend cartel members, human traffickers and drug dealers, as part of the DPS’ efforts to keep criminal elements from entering the US.
The unit is so secretive DPS officials refuse to say how many agents are part of the department, where they specifically operate or allow them to pose for photographs which would reveal their identity, due to concerns for their safety.
“We really can’t say anything,” said Matthew Mull, Major with the DPS’s Criminal Investigation Division in El Paso during The Post’s ride-along with DPS earlier this week.
Members of the CID worked alongside DPS’s pilots to provide them with coordinates to chase down a group of smugglers transporting more than a dozen migrants in an overloaded Jeep Wednesday.
A handful of CID agents in their jeans and hoodies swooped into a stash house and arrested two young smugglers.
The Post’s eyewitness reporter at the raid said: “We could not tell the difference between who were the migrants and who were the agents. It was only after they opened their coats that I saw their badges. None of them spoke.” --->READ MORE HERE
Texas DPS border raid captures human smugglers, illegal migrants in ‘stash house’:
The Texas Department of Public Safety uses a range of tactics including air surveillance and agents on the ground to smash human trafficking rings operated by cartels.
Both were deployed this week to raid a “stash house” in the border city’s downtown which held 12 migrants who had sneaked into America illegally from Mexico.
One of the agency’s pilots had spotted a red Jeep from the sky as it lumbered down Country Club Road — the vehicle’s back end sloping down under the weight of all the people crammed inside.
“Vehicles that are loaded down like that are always a tell-tale sign they are stuffed with migrants,” said a DPS agent who followed coordinates given by a two-man helicopter team to locate the stash house, which in this case was a filthy one-bedroom, ground floor flat in a low-rise apartment complex.
On Wednesday, The Post participated in a ride-along with DPS — a state law enforcement agency that includes highway patrol and the storied Texas Rangers — and witness the aftermath of the raid.
Inside the house, The Post found empty Coca-Cola cans, balled-up tin foil wrappers and discarded clothing that had been carelessly thrown. In the kitchen, an empty refrigerator held a half-used jar of peanut butter. A white stuffed animal — a smiling bunny — lay forgotten on a stool.
The foyer was littered with the shoe laces migrants are told to remove once they are detained by Border Patrol agents, a safety precaution as laces can be used either as a weapon to strangle others or for a person to hang themselves with while in custody.
Despite the mess, there was a semblance of order in the bedroom closet which housed an array of baseball caps, plastic drawers filled with underwear, and piles of neatly folded jeans, sweatshirts and T-shirts. --->READ MORE HERE
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+++++Texas National Guard busting human smuggling operations in El Paso by targeting waypoint near border+++++

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