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Donald Trump: America’s Clear Choice in 2024: His Record of Accomplishments Leaves Biden in the Dust; Survey: Trump Leads Potential Opponents by Double-Digits in Hypothetical 2024 GOP Primary

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Donald Trump: America’s clear choice in 2024:
His record of accomplishments leaves Biden in the dust
Since former President Donald Trump boldly announced his campaign for the next presidential election in 2024 just two months ago at Mar-a-Lago, the media and the establishment haven’t known exactly what to do.
There have been the usual smears and phony “scandals,” there have been predictable attempts by the Republican establishment to blame the GOP’s midterm disappointments on Mr. Trump, and there has been plenty of wishful thinking in the media on how he can’t win again.
This is all nonsense. Mr. Trump has the strongest record of anyone running for president in 2024, the best chance of any Republican in the general election, and a serious and impressive agenda for his second term on America First policies.
Mr. Trump has a solid record of delivering on his promises. During his presidency, the economy boomed, the stock market soared, and unemployment fell to a 50-year low. Mr. Trump kept us out of foreign wars and fought every day to build the wall and enforce our immigration law. He also reshaped the judiciary and named three Supreme Court justices who handed power back to the states and the people, all while fighting the fake news attacks and hoax investigations every step of the way. He is, without a doubt, the most effective conservative leader in a generation.
President Biden’s administration is working hard and fast to undo all the good that Mr. Trump accomplished. The stock market closed out with the worst year since the Great Recession of 2008. The border is wide open, inflation is crushing Americans, and the United States is once again sending billions overseas while our veterans are forgotten and left behind. Sixty-three percent of Americans think this country is on the wrong track, and so do I.
As impressive as Mr. Trump’s first term was, he’s not just running on that for 2024. Only two months into his campaign, the former president has already outlined several ambitious proposals for a second term. --->READ MORE HERE
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Survey: Trump Leads Potential Opponents by Double-Digits in Hypothetical 2024 GOP Primary:
Former President Donald J. Trump maintains a double-digit lead over his potential opponents in a hypothetical 2024 Republican primary survey.
Morning Consult’s latest “2024 GOP Primary Tracker” survey, conducted from January 6-8, shows that 46 percent of potential Republican primary voters support Trump in his bid for the presidential nomination. Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) sits 13 points back in second place with 33 percent, while nine percent of respondents back former Vice President Mike Pence. No other candidate came close to approaching double-digit support.
Three percent say they would vote for former Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY), while Former Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) each have two percent of the support. Gov. Greg Abbott (R-FL), Sen Tim Scott (R-SC), and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo sit at one percent apiece.
There is a very slight change in Trump’s favor compared to another Morning Consult survey published on January 4. That data showed Trump with 45 percent of the respondents’ support, DeSantis at 34 percent, and another eight percent backing Pence.
Among those in the current survey who plan to vote for Trump, 44 percent say Desantis is their second choice, followed by Pence at 20 percent and Cruz at eight percent. Another three percent say Haley is their second pick. Similarly, 35 percent of DeSantis supporters say Trump is their second choice, 15 percent choose Pence, and 11 percent pick Haley. Another nine percent would rally behind Cruz. The portion of the survey concerning first and second choices for the GOP primary includes responses from 4,470 potential primary voters. --->READ MORE HERE
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